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Cee Whirx

In need of assistance

Hey Everybody, Cee here. I'm currently writing a script for an all-new animated feature film-in development, but I have no funding to provide for production. Do any of you have advice on how to put together a budget?

Shadow Dragu-Mihai

Assuming you are not just selling the script outright and want to have it produced - If you have no prior experience, you will need to have an experienced Line Producer on board to do a proper break down and budget. I am one, there are many others on Stage 32, and you can put a call out on the "Jobs" section as well. Figure to spend ~$600-$2000 (sometimes more, seldom less) depending on the complexity of the project. There is no way to circumvent this step - you must either do it yourself or you must hire someone. Nor does a "proforma" or "ballpack" budget do you any good.

Karen "Kay" Ross

I would agree with Shadow Dragu-Mihai. If you need to start with ballpark budgets, then I would suggest going to IMDb Pro and confirming the cost of any comps - if your feature is like Klaus, for example, using similar animation styles, then see how much they made it for and WHERE they made it.

Cee Whirx

Thanks for your advice, Karen and Shadow. I'm working with an animation studio in India called Vawworld Studios, so I guess my project's kind of a blend of Klaus and ballpark budgets.

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