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Independent Crowdfunding

I know people who have gone the Indiegogo and Kickstarter route. A friend of mine recently made goal on her kickstarter campaign, but with all the charges is still way short of the funds she needs. I didn't have the heart to tell her she asked for too little money. She should have built these expenses into her goal. But, I have other issues regarding going this route. Therefore, I have been thinking seriously about doing crowdfunding independently. My project is a documentary series which is targeted for Cable TV, VOD, DVD and other cross platforms. I have a package of offerings for donators in the works, but I have questions. Has anyone else out there done this and if so, how did you set up the bank account for it?

Nelle Nelle

Hi William, I'd recommend networking with Stephen Follows and Steve Desmond (here on Stage 32). He's probably a great first place to start.

William Balch

Hello JL and thank you very much for your response. Cheers.

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