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Toby Tate

Indie movie success

After failing for the last two years to sell my big-budget screenplay, I have decided to try my hand at indie movie making. I have learned a lot from the various webinars here on Stage 32, read books written by other indie filmmakers, and done some internet research, so I think I'm pretty well-prepared as far as head-knowledge goes. Now for the experience part :) I am almost done with the screenplay and already have some interest from my home-town on participating in the project. I have a production company (which already have two features under their belts) that is very interested in the project. I even have an actress interested in the lead role. My biggest hurdle, of course, will be raising the money, but I think with the team I am putting together, coupled with a (hopefully) great screenplay, I have a good chance of raising some capital. I know it sounds crazy, but I would LIKE to raise $1M. So, is anyone else on here in the midst of trying to put an indie movie together? If so, where are you in the process? How well are things moving along? Got any advice for a newbie?

Ed Fletcher

I'm hoping you get some good answers. This forum is kinda crickets. I've recently redirected my energy from doing based on true story feature film to doing a documentary on the same subject.

Edward Lowther

Hello Toby! I can get you $500,000 or more for your movie project. But your film production company or any kind of business you have must generate an income of at least $10,000 per month.

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