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Financing / Crowdfunding : Investors/Producers by Aalijah Amaro

Aalijah Amaro


Hey everyone,

What is a good tactic or strategy or even just tips in general on fining Investors and grabbing their attention for your Production. I know a lot of Investors ask for a return but that isn't always something that can be promised. What are some ways of correctly approaching someone and what experience do you have in this field?


Willem Lodewijk Elzenga

All investors need a return, if you can't make that promise you need a sponsor. Investors are everywhere you need to socialize with them and get them involved in what your doing. It takes a lot of time, networking and good investors are rare to find. I work as a producer, so that's basically the experience I have, did several companies and dozens of films. Features are the hardest, but has to do with film-industry as a whole - well known for its failures. Make a lot of friends!

Aalijah Amaro

Thank you for the advice!

Shannon Tharp

You really need to have a business plan that looks good on paper, a really well designed movie poster, a clean cut website and a social media following that is already big or a plan to grow it.

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