Jenna The Great

Well, here's a funny, completely original story about the worlds cockiest student meeting the worlds infamous philosopher, Aristotle... Could 'you' resist getting a genius to do 'your homework? I've put a LOT of effort into putting this together and yet I'm hurting for help. Any ideas?

Thomas Fucci

First you'll need the logline, a one page synopsis, a completed screenplay and a simple, direct query letter. If you have those elements you have a start. If you have someone who can get the logline in front of someone (agent/manager) all the better, but don't depend upon them. Find out the names of producers, send out your query letter with log line and see what you get. There are services that do this you can check out, but I would approach with caution, though it's a lot of research to find the producers who might be right for your script.

Thomas Fucci

And do not be surprised by various types of rejection. From no unsolicited scripts to do you have an name actor or a name director attached? Do you have partial financing? etc.

Dan Tonkin

Hi Thomas, thanks for posting. Sorry for the late reply. Stage32 doesn't notify me anymore... I've got a couple of good un's: Jamie-Lee Hill, Bhasker Patel & Charlotte Dunnico + Screencraft Big Break winner as its co-writer (KT Parker) as well as Hollywood composer; Michael O'Neill but I haven't got the foggiest when it comes to writing query letters & finding 'exact' producer contact details. The services that do this stuff you mentioned. Where can you recommend? Thanks for your help. REALLY appreciate it.

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