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Bryan Ransom

Kickstarter pointers

So it seems that everyone knows Kickstarter is HOT! But does anyone know the wining combination to make sure you hit your goal? My animation crew and I have been working a project that we're getting ready to throw up on Kickstarter. I was hoping to get some extra insights on things that work and things that don't. Not just by people who have run a campaign but also those who have given money. What made you consider giving and what dictated how much you would give? Let's talk about it!!

Jasmine McAtee

What made me consider giving: How fleshed out the campaign was. If it was a film that was already cast/filmed - do you have actor bios up? Do you have a video up? Can I see that you're a real person? Have you promoted any of your accomplishments so I can trust you'll use the money appropriately? Other things: Did you bother to use correct HTML, have you backed other projects? Do you have an active social presence?

Ray Anthony Martinez

I was just researching the subject the other night. Here is a great link that I find very useful!

Gustavo Sampaio

Make sure you're realistic with your financial goal and be prepared to put your own money in it, if you get close to your goal as time is running out, so you don't lose it all!

Brian Bassingthwaighte

Being realistic with your financial goal is the key one to many projects fail with people looking for stupid amounts for something that doesn't look worthwhile. Also running an online campaign along side the campaign will increase your presence and allow you to reach more people. Also provide as much information as possible and keep people informed so they feel part of the project

Christopher Piccione

Bryan, From someone who has run campaigns and given money....liek some others have said, be realistic in your goal and be honest! Also don't cram your page with so much information it becomes jumbled. People don't like to read much in todays day and age. Be simple but strong. As far as rewards, think about what people WANT not what you THINK they would want.

Kim van Berkel

Be realistic about the amount, add a video pitch if you have one and explain where the money will be spend on so that people see how much their contributions could make a difference. I started a fundraising campaign via IndieGoGo as you get to keep the money you raise even if you don't hit your target. My main problem is that I haven't been able to add a video in my pitch but that will change in the next two weeks!

Bryan Ransom

Thanks to everyone for their insightful comments. We took every comment into careful consideration while polishing up our project in the final phase of preparation. We launched it today and I would be honored if everyone would drop in and have a look. The experience starts at Once again, thanks for your time and assistance in making this a more polished and hopefully successful campaign.

Jasmine McAtee

Caught your KS video, Bryan. Looks fantastic! Best of luck with your campaign.

Bryan Ransom

Thanks Jasmine. We're at 15% now after a week. 3 more weeks to go and backers are increasing. Feel free to pass on the site to interested parties. Thanks.

Kim van Berkel

Well done! Just out curiosity: why did you decide to go for Kickstarter and not IndieGoGo? The latter one lets you keep the raised amount even if you did not hit your target while Kickstarter doesn't. Good luck with the rest of your crowd funding! The project looks fantastic!

Bryan Ransom

Hey Kim. We decided on Kickstarter due to it's name recognition. We also feel it is a bonus for our backers to know that their money will be going to a finished product. It's the "no risk" situation for the investor that we think actually gives a certain amount of security. Not to mention that I believe the all or nothing helps people to give more. During the campaign people have the ability to up their pledge. If in the last week we're down say 10%. We can make a case to our current backers to all up their pledge 10% or more to meet the goal. But yes, it is stressful looking at the numbers everyday hoping it will make it. It's certainly an incentive to work your tale off. By the way, we're half way through and are at 35%. Two weeks to go till D-day and we've got a great line up for the next two weeks. Drop in and check out what we've got going on!!!

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