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Legal Form for Investors?


Can anyone suggest a simple legal form to share with investors?

I’m getting encouraging interest from potential investors in my horror movie ‘She Lives Again’ and despite having been looking around at forms, and how to execute such a deal, I’m still not clear with a good form to use. And given that this is a micro budget movie, I’m not keen on paying a lawyer for this. Plus, I have a pretty good mind for legal agreements anyhow. But still, not clear on this at this point.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

Erik A. Jacobson

Lauran ~ I had the same problem on my microbudget, checked out some sample investor agreements, and came up with my own template. If you'd like to see it, pm me and I'll be happy to send you a copy. However, I'd advise you to check it out with an attorney before using it.

Lauran Childs

Thank you so much Erik, I’d love to see it! Yes will PM you - and I do have a lawyer to run it by. Hope your microbudget went well - will look it up after PMing you.

Larissa S. Merriman

What kind of financing are you looking for? Equity Investors? Tax Incentives? Private Investors? I'm assuming you already have an LLC set up with a DBA and tax id number. If you don't, it's a red flag for serious investors or potential distribution partners. Even for a micro budget film you'll need this. And I know I've never signed a "simple" form of any kind with regards to production money. I haven't seen any free forms out there but I assume you've looked at They have some reasonably priced packages for this kind of thing if you really don't want to pay for legal advice. and also this attorney has some "sample" agreements on his website as well.

Lauran Childs

Thanks Larissa. Yes I’m prepared. Thanks for the links - I’ve been looking at and will look at your other link. Best.

Doug Nelson

Lauran; an aside. I love your poster - it's sparked an idea for another story. Thanx and all the best to you.

Lauran Childs

Thanks Doug, I’m thrilled to hear that! And would love to learn what evolves. All the best.

Erik A. Jacobson

Lauran ~ On small microbudgets, I've found that it really impresses investors when I don't include myself in the budget. It shows I've got "skin in the game" and am willing to go the extra mile to get the project made.

Lauran Childs

Thanks Erik. Actually I was reading about George Lucas yesterday where he didn’t take a producer fee on one movie - Star Wars? - but 5% of net profit. And of course he made megabucks. I’m going to say I’ll take 5% of net profit too.

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