Financing / Crowdfunding : Looking to Invest by Nicholas Prinse

Nicholas Prinse

Looking to Invest

Hi everyone, I'm looking to fund projects. Any films worth investing in?

Shadow Dragu-Mihai

Sent a network request. Contact me here!

Scott Sawitz

Plenty... I'd love to chat sometime

Tasha Lewis

What type of projects (genre, amount, timeline)?

Leanne Campbell

Are you also looking to invest in Australian films?

Stephanie Mazzeo

Unfinished Business [the TV series]

pilot episode filming late spring/early summer

by Blindogg Productions, LLC

crime/thriller/supernatural genre

Hollywood Director: Alan J Levi

Celebrity Actors: Sondra Currie, John Byner, Annie Gaybis

Filming in Florida

Alan Eddie

Yes, if have the funds ready in escrow. I have a fully developed script with 11 songs; few songs fully developed at par any leading artists like Halsey, Amy Stark. Won a few Script contest but found useless.

It is about a teen bi-racial girl who suffers from bi-polar disorder and her journey with her parolee lover.

It talks about the current US race, drug addiction, fucked up judicial system prevailing in every state.

Let me know if you are serious.

I know how to get a theatrical distribution from Universal, Warner, Sony & Netflix.

CERTAINLY NOT AN ONLINE STREAMING TV FILM FOR SURE. (You must be kidding right, kido?)

"I know your inner voice says so" until you know the whole plan.

No scam, as I spent a lot to make the movie memorable.

Edward A

Ted Collins

I have a fully packaged script with A-List stars.

Cory Rowe

There are always films worth investing in. It depends on what you're looking for.

Craig Perkins

I have several scripts worth investing in. Shoot me an email at

Sol Roth

Defenders of The Last City Synopsis

A cybernetically enhanced soldier must pass a final test to protect Earth’s last city.

I almost sold that epic sci-fi adventure movie to a Hollywood studio - the story behind the story is here (worth watching ) -

On the extreme other end, I make minimalist features (a few actors and a few locations), and just released a solo film that's an ode to the actors monologue - (Saw you're in London so dropped the Amazon Video UK links), haha.

Manu Krishna

Hi Nicholas! Hope this sparks your interest

Warren Eig

Nicholas, I have several. What genre and budget are you looking at?

John Ellis

Connection request sent. I'll DM you.

Karen "Kay" Ross

You can search loglines, and even select a genre: Look for top-rated ones and scripts attached

Leslie Bielanski

Are you only interested in fiction? I am working on a ten part docu series set to start production this summer. Please let me know I will be happy to send you some information. Thank you.

Esteban Carbajal

Looking for investor to finish this film Curacao

Jane Sanger

Hi, I have several projects looking for investment from a development fund for a period tv drama series to make a stand alone proof of concept short pilot. I have shot 3 of the 4 scenes as raised those funds and need £10,000 more to complete before pitching to major streamers. I have an Irish political thriller, a psychological horror with budgets from £2-5 million all looking for investment. I have scripts, presenter packs if you want to message me and send your email I can start with loglines and synopses. Last I have an LGBTQIA short that has attracted a major actor that we want to enter to the Iris Prize, UK's biggest short film prize that also guarantees a screening on BBC.

Jane Sanger

Here is also a promo by a young girl who wrote Tell Me Why? It has the theme of cyberbullying and Ellie Bindman wrote it at age 15 then made an award winning short. This has been developed and I am the Director on it. It has some funding in place with a budget of $400,000. Some profile actors involved.

Dan Hertzog

I submit for your consideration our international drama DREAMS OF STARLIGHT. Here is a link to our formal pitch deck, along with my writer/director's statement illustrating why this inspirational story needs to be told now...

Claude Gagne

We don't believe you! You posted this a week ago. You haven't said "BOO".

Tasha Lewis

Nicholas Prinse, thank you for joining my network. If you have any questions regarding any of my current or future projects, don’t hesitate to ask.

Claude Gagne

Sorry! I was a bit mean. You can acknowledge your request. If you need someone, place your request in Jobs.

Nick C. Goins Jr.


Alessandro Cecconi

I am sorry but... you have money to invest and you come here to look for projects? May I ask why? You could literally stand on any corner in LA and any number of agents/packagers/producers would give you tons of projects that have a chance of being made.

Lyter Daniel

I have a very unique cop/thriller I’m working on. It’s based on an investigation I was involved in as a Detective back in 2002.

Julie Pifher

What genres are you most interested in?

Shadow Dragu-Mihai

Yes, there are. What else would you like to know?

Indra Bartona

Hi Nicholas, I have a slate of films. My Horror is primed and ready to go. Let's talk :D

Noel Vinson

Hello Nicholas. As I’m pretty new to Stage 32, I may have missed the boat on this. But in case you’re still fielding interest, I have a slate of things looking for finance, but if I’m being completely honest, I’m currently writing a project that I am hedging all of my bets on and it is the story I hope to tell for my first bat at Directing a feature. I am based in Sydney, Australia where USD can go a long way. If you have any further interest, the logline for the film is this: When tough guy Samson Pike gets out of prison after 25 years, he finds his only prospect in a job protecting a twenty-something-year-old transgender prostitute named Esra from potential threats. But when Sam’s feelings begin to grow for the guarded young woman, he finds that he may not even be able to protect her from himself. Hope to hear from you. Noel

David Rodolfo Alvarez

Vancouver (short film) 20 - 25 min approx.

a story of betrayal and liberation from a unrealistic infatuation with the the wrong love in the night city.

Most places already scouted I just need a crew and equipment and I’m ready to direct it. Let me know

Richard Thrift

I have a science fiction feature film to be shot in California. We are on Facebook: and have named talent, Dawna Lee Heising and John Karyus confirmed. We are talking with Dawn of the Dead actor Jim Krut and I am writing up the crowdfunding campaign right now.

Ken Korba

I have two features . I would like to speak further.

AJ Vargas

Nicholas, greetings. We're looking for backers for our indie horror film (feature). 2/3 of it has been shot. We're raising funds to complete principal photography. Check out our crowdfunding campaign for more info.

Los Angeles Barea

I have a Drama called “Hollywood Cries” were one of the main character is a British immigrant living in LA...

Los Angeles Barea

I do have some name actors attached to the film . Please let me know if you would like to consider it . Regards

Lina Serrano

Hola Nicolás. Mi empresa genera contenido para series y largometrajes. Tengo varios guiones. Comedia, drama e incluso animados. ¿Cómo te contacto?

Jane Sanger

Hey, you haven’t answered a single application - are you for real? Can a moderator look at this please?

Nicholas Prinse

Jane, I will respond and have already responded (via private message) to filmmakers who have a portfolio of work for me to view.

Shadow Dragu-Mihai

Jane Sanger In truth and contrary to his reply, Nicholas Prinse is entirely nonresponsive. When asked, he pointedly refuses to say what he might be looking for, what budget level, or what genre, if he is looking for short projects or features... He won't say if he has money in hand or is looking to represent a project or wants something he can place himself in as actor or director. He only asks to see your work. Frankly, this looks to me like a fishing expedition for no good reason. It goes against any professional conduct to refuse this information because not knowing it means you are likely going to waste your own time and his with information that is totally irrelevant. And it goes against any professional conduct to provide such information to anyone who just asks for it - for the same reason.

Nicholas Prinse

Shadow, I responded to you, but you did not have anything investable.

Shadow Dragu-Mihai

Nicholas Prinse (and Jane Sanger since Nicholas is prevaricating) As I said, he doesn't reply to professional questions. To my knowledge he has never told anyone what he thinks is "investable" and in this thread, instead of providing some direction to that, he implies that he has seen projects and found them not "investable", which clearly he has not. Because I have never submitted him anything on my own or anyone else's behalf. But to be clear, HERE IS THE MESSAGE EXCHANGE BETWEEN ME AND Nicholas Prinse

Me: " See my websites and - At On Demand Global we have a number of filmmakers looking for funding. What are you looking for? "

Nicholas Prinse: "Please send me some examples."

Me: "Nicholas, you ignored my question: What are you looking for? I appreciate you've only produced one short, but professionals need to know more before wasting their time and your time sending random proposals. At the minimum, can you tell me:

1. What budget range can you commit to? And is it available now or within what time period? Are you considering investing personally and as a single investor/Executive Producer, or are you looking to be part of an investment group already in place, or something else?

2. What format are you looking for: short, series, feature?

3. What genre(s) are you looking for?

Thanks. You can also contact me direct at [hidden]"

To which Nicholas has not replied.

Nicholas Prinse

And this is how you fail to pitch an investment whilst losing contacts in the industry.

Shadow Dragu-Mihai

Nicholas Prinse Actually, this is how you out those who are not actually in the industry but somehow want to imply they are. You have to be an industry person, and you have to be a contact before you can be a lost contact.

Heather Hutton

Hi Nicholas! Imperial Savage Productions launched at Cannes and AFM last year with an exciting new slate of material. We are based out of Atlanta with partners in LA and NY and strategic partners around the globe. We'd love to connect with you. Our website is on the flyer!

Nicholas Prinse

Hi Heather, I did not manage to go to Cannes last year, but I would be happy to review your work. I could not load the reel on your page though.

FYI, although my main business is property, I do enjoy some limited work/investment in the film industry and hope to free up some capital towards the end of the year if the project is interesting enough.

Sol Roth

Here is a link to a collaborative filmmaking podcast I did with a director in Ireland, which announces a new project, a Zoom based mystery thriller that will be shot as a coproduction with actors all over the world. (multiple production companies across the globs on board already). I'm working on some interesting projects that have the potential to have mass viral appeal. Even without investing, I would appreciate your feedback / on a few things. and the opportunity o at least speak with you (detached, no detail text messages are so cold and bland) You are posting in a public forum, so I know you're not using gatekeepers, so why not chat directly with some creative talent? Or are you looking for already established (boring) producer ready projects that fit the existing status quo (which doesn't sound that interesting to me).

Claude Gagne

I think you can post your ad in the jobs section! Looking for a feature in bla bla bla. Be specific. You can search the loglines section and contact the writer. Sometimes you will find just what you want, instead of giving every screenwriter a heart attack, false hope, etc...

Tasha Lewis

Would appreciate your input or consideration on any of my projects on my project page Nicholas. Thanking you in advance.

Thomas Tamburello

working on a project now entitled SWEET LEAF. "After quitting drugs at 8 years old, a resourceful Tommy, tries to survive raising himself in a drug consumed neighborhood and must distance himself from his inept parents and Rocco, his drug addicted egomaniacal older brother to do so."

First draft almost complete. already have some interest from talent management from pitch and some notable actors excited about characters.

Jack Teague

Looking to fund a docudrama about the final week of Hemingway's life based upon the account of his wife, Mary Welsh Hemingway. Part biography, part road trip, told from her perspective.

Shadow Dragu-Mihai

Nicholas Prinse Thank you finally for at least saying (to Heather Hutton ) you "hope to free up some capital towards the end of the year if the project is interesting enough." That helps people understand that there are no funds available any time soon and that you are not seriously considering a production right now. But it still indicates nothing of a potential budget range, genre or what else you might maybe be looking for some time. Since it does seem you have only produced one short, the question is really pertinent so that people don't waste your time and theirs submitting things outside your ability or intention to produce, in the unlikely event that you can "free up some capital." Can you give people some more guidance of what you think you might be able to do some time in the future? Or is it really that unclear in your mind?

Nicholas Prinse

There are funds available now, but it won't be six-figures until towards the end of the year (maybe earlier). The plan is to fund productions likely to succeed based on track record.

Ted Collins

Hi Nicholas. I haven't received a response as of yet, but I will try again. I'm a multi award winning filmmaker. Most recently I won the Grand Jury Award at Slamdance and the Audience award at Austin for a feature doc I produced "Mr. Fish: Cartooning From the Deep End." I need some equity to greenlight my comedy feature to be shot in Northern Ontario Canada this summer. It's titled "2 Men & a Pig" and stars Dermot Mulroney, Neal McDonough, Thomas Lennon and Laura Marano. I need about 500k to close the GAP and greenlight the picture. Any interest in this? You don't have to come up with the full amount. Best, Ted

Tasha Lewis

Nicholas Pinse I think what would help everyone is details and timeline so we can plan accordingly. Stage 32 maybe to help facilitate this discussion since it involves the community.

Jane Sanger

Please, as every serious film maker here Knows is for potential investors to say I am a private investor, looking for eg horror, rom com, action etc features/shorts/tv series(delete as appropriate.) I have 300,000 available now 200,000 by the end of 2021. I want to be sole investor, close the gap for last funds, will join with others to make a larger total. I need profile actors and director attached etc . Films must be shot in Europe/UK/ USA for my own tax breaks. Etc . Clear precise so As not to waste time Nicholas Prinse. If you’re new to this you’re excused but otherwise ?????? Shadow Dragu-Mihai

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