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Phillip Michael Urlevich

Maybe you can help

Hi I am gearing up to launch my Seed and Spark page. Does anyone have any helpful hints to make it succesful? Or maybe know where the money is? Seriously any help would be appreciated!

Shadow Dragu-Mihai

Like any other crowd-funding project, it is a LOT of work and daily promotion and email list accumulation... You must be constantly active and the most successful spend some promo/adevertising dollars. Where the money is depends on the market for your film - you have to figure that one out. Don't feel you can sit back for a moment... money doesn't just roll in...

John T. Trigonis

I couldn't agree more with Shadow Dragu-Mihai –– there is no silver bullet to crowdfunding. It's work! (Honestly, I'd even go as far to say it's easier to secure an actual investor in terms of the amount of work you'll do to attract one versus finding, engaging, and enticing backers to fund your project.)

I have tons of tips in my book, so feel free to pick up a copy at Amazon ( I also have a lot of freebee articles on and off Stage 32, so just Google my name plus crowdfunding & you'll find some helpful pieces. But the one thing they all have in common is the same: You've gotta do the work to earn that funding.

All the best, Phillip Michael Urlevich!

Phillip Michael Urlevich

Hey thanks guys!

Melissa Butler

If you haven’t sourced your crowd before kicking off your campaign it will be an uphill battle but it can be done it you follow their suggestions and are persistent. Good Luck

Kay Tuxford

I use to generate free graphics for the thanks yous and shout outs when people donate. That extra touch really helps my campaigns be visual and less repetitive.

Jeff Ayars

Check out Greeninbox, was super helpful during my seed & spark fundraiser

Lauran Childs

Good luck!

Thedore Johnson

Sorry I don't but hearing from the group is education at best plus a right direction for 2021

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