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Michael Schaar-Ney

Motel 13

Hello fellow creatives! I am an independent film maker from Alberta, Canada (Hollywood of the North...).

I have a low budget feature that I am looking to shoot this summer and am looking for investors/ co-producers. I have done all the legwork, I have a shooting script, a lookbook, 4 established Canadian actors, locations, and crew all ready to start shooting. Did you know that in Canada, for us to raise the $300k budget, it wold only cost an American $47??? OK, that's not quite right, but with the exchange rate like it is, and the tax credits available to us, Raising the full budget will be a breeze... one filled with no Coronviruses... If you would like to see the lookbook, let me know...

Take care, stay safe, Mike

Motel 13 - IMDb
Motel 13 - IMDb
Directed by Berkley Brady. With Michael Eklund, Niall Matter, Skylar Radzion, Marya Delver. In a search for a new father and husband for their family, a trio of terrible temptresses lure unsuspecting…
Dean Lach

No virus there ehh? Well, if it's so. I'm in Metro Detroit, just a 20 minute drive from Ontario. You buy the Beer and Ketchup potato chips, and I'll be there ;)

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