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G.R. Barnett

Pitch videos?

Okay so my crowdfunding campaign is going to be for an animated web series, however the trailer is not done yet (Trailer is about 3-5 minutes long.), and I was looking on Seed & Spark and they said most pitch videos need to be like 90 seconds. I want to avoid camera time as much as possible, what do I do? Do I put up a trailerboard? Like a moving storyboard complete with voicework (that's all done) or would that look like a 3rd grader attempt at crowdfunding? I'm just out to fund the development part right now, I'm going to run a staggered crowdfunding campaign, but my question is what do I do with this 90 second pitch video? I was going to wait until I had the entire trailer done but I need money for the development stage and I've tried grants but all the ones that I've looked at, there is a lot of hoops to jump through and most of the hoops require a step I hadn't counted on. Advice would be appreciated. Thanks. -G.R.B.

Dan MaxXx

Use your own money to get your project started. Sell the car, jewelry, credit cards. Invest in yourself first

G.R. Barnett

Maybe I didn't make myself clear, I'm mainly asking for advice on the pitch video itself. If its to be 90 seconds, then I need advice on what to put it in it since my 8 minute trailer is not done yet. As for financing, that would be great advice if I had anything of any value to sell but right now I don't and I'm about to take a second job, so trust me when I say I am doing everything in my power to be a self-starter when it comes to funding. Selling my car is not an option, as I do not live in a place where there is public transportation or Uber, and one does need to travel to get necessities every one in awhile. Its not so simple as you make it seem and I'm kind of offended that you would brush it off so easily. I can't sell things I don't have. That is why I was crowdfunding. I have dealt with credit cards before and I do not want to deal with them again. What I wanted was advice on a pitch video. I'm sorry I didn't make myself clear in the first place. -G.R.B.

George Pierson

Don't mind Dan, he's just being himself. Here is what I would suggest. Contact aprofessional advertizing agency, explain to them what your situation is. Find out how much they want, do a crowdfunding specifically for that, and see what happens.

John T. Trigonis

Hey there G.R., I don't mean to contradict Dan here, but you're more than capable of creating your own campaign (pitch) video without hiring a professional agency (with what money, right?! :-) However, I will say that statistically-speaking, a trailer doesn't not get crowdfunding campaigns funded; it's a sales tool, not a crowdfunding tool, and the object of the latter is to convince people you know and don't know to contribute (versus the purpose of a trailer, which is to get those same people to pay $15 to see the movie only.) What I recommend is putting together what I'm calling the crowdfunding sizzle reel –– 20 seconds of animation you've already done –– and then get on camera and tell us (1) a little about you, (2) a little more about the animated film project, and (3) why we should give you our money over someone else's film campaign Since you're looking to launch with Seed & Spark, I can't really help all that much more (but if you run it on Indiegogo, I'm happy to look over everything before you launch.) but I think you'll learn quite a bit by watching my TEDx talk on crowdfunding here: Hope that helps a bit, G.R.!

G.R. Barnett

@George I have, but they want $3K a minute and that is beyond my budgeting capabilities at this point. @John Thank you. I actually haven't done any animation for the trailer yet, just the storyboards. I'm actually looking to do this idea as a web series. Do you think I could get by with maybe just storyboards? I don't mind doing a VO but getting on camera is something I want to avoid.

George Pierson

That is crazy wanting that much money.

G.R. Barnett

Well it was a fully animated thing and I totally get it, animation is hard work. If I had money I'd be totally willing to pay that, however right now I don't have it so I was wondering if I could just do like a storyboard for the pitch video.

Chris Le Roy

G.R Barnett nobody but a very elite few get $3000 a minute. I am an animator and I know there are lots of animators out there that would be prepared to help or get some exposure or help you develop your pitch video. If you want to drop me a private line, I might be able to put you on the right track, just message me.

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