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Christine Brillon

Question about crowdfunding

I'm very new to this and am wondering which way is the best to crowdfund. Is it better to use Indiegogo, gofundme, kickstarter, or seed and spark to raise the needed $32,000+ for production? It's kind of difficult for someone of my age to convince people to donate so this is all I've got and I don't know where to go to find a producer to help me. Thanks for the help!

Ellecina Eck

Hey Christine. Don't think of your age as a hindrance. Film isn't about your age, it's about the story you're going to tell. If the audience is behind you and believes in you and the film, your age really shouldn't matter. As far as which platform to use, that depends on your project and how dead-set you are on making it. 32K is a lot to ask for, esp. if this is your first film endeavor (it may not be, just assuming), so make sure potential backers can feel safe backing you. Kickstarter is great because you don't get the money unless you reach your goal. Kickstarter doesn't want to send you off to create a half-funded project. It's all or nothing. Indiegogo offers options when it comes to funding. It offers fixed (like Kickstarter) and flexible funding (keep donations without meeting your goal). I don't know enough about GoFundMe to weigh in on the pros or cons. If I were a potential backer and I saw that you had a $32,000 budget, I would only back you if it were an all-or-nothing campaign. It wouldn't sit well with me if you tried to make a 32K film with only $5,000. Just my two cents. I also am prepping a funding campaign, so I have some of the same concerns/worries you do. Keep your head up, be prepared, and be bold!

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

@Christine-- From everything I have heard, and everything I have read here on Stage 32. You have to crowd source first. Engage your community that has a passionate interest in your story. I tried Indiegogo several times with no luck because I did not do the legwork and build a community that had an interest in my story before I asked them to crowdfund me. RB (Founder of Stage 32) is publishing a book on this topic. Also There is a book I am reading called "Bankroll" by Tom Malloy "How to fund your independent Film". He has raised Millions of $$ to make his films. I believe it is about $24 at the NYU bookstore here in Manhattan, But I am sure you can get it on Amazon. Best wishes on your project. Oh and your comment on it being difficult for someone of your age to ask people to donate-- Believe in your story, have the conviction of its purpose and miracles can happen. Age does not matter the Story is what matters. "Challenges make life difficult, overcoming them make life worthwhile" It is about the journey, not the destination. I hope some of what I have written helps. Because that was my ONLY intention. Happy New Year.

Jacob James Henry

Christine- I also recommend you download the relevant episodes of Film Thrive podcast, Filmmaking Stuff podcast and Indie Film Academy podcast (all free), as they have pretty thorough discussions with reps from the various crowdsourcing platforms, where they drop a lot of knowledge about how to make crowdsourcing/crowdsfunding work in today's world. First do a search on the websites and/or iTunes and stream or download the relevant episodes. Hope this helps.

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