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Leanne Campbell

Silent auction idea?

Hi everyone, I am an independent film maker from Australia and it's been really difficult to raise the funding for any film making this year as we in Melbourne have been in lock down since March! I was trying to think of some creative ways to break through to other people and raise the money and came up with this online silent auction idea for a Comedy film.

What do you think of it?

Booty Boys
Booty Boys
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Karen "Kay" Ross

The more you can do in service of the project, the better - storyboards, concept art, hero props, production stills from location scouting, etc. This way you build confidence in your audience that your work is towards the goal of making your film, not making the money for your film. That is to say - if you do something like an ice cream social, a raffle, or a silent auction to raise the money, then you're taking time for the funding only, not using that same time to "kill two birds with one stone" as it were. What if you did something interactive with your cast? You could host a similar event, make it live, and make sure there is nothing left to fulfill once the live event is done. Could you sell tickets to a live table read? Or do donations only during the table read? Keep at it!

Dan MaxXx

piecemeal the entire production, from paper idea to master tape. do a little at a time, save $, raise $, borrow $, whatever. You don’t need the entire budget $ at once. Took us three years to finish an indie feature film. We started with a few hundred $, sacrificed lots of time, planned until it was time to film. Then, go back to our day jobs, saved more $ and finished post-production the following year

John Ellis

Listen to Dan - he's smart. Also, figure out a solid, detailed, actionable distribution plan that shows how you'll make money. Do this as soon as the script is done - before casting, locations, anything.

James Scott

Hi Leanne, I'm in Florida. I got a gallery on the beach to screen a bunch of short films (We called it "Shorts on the Beach"). Sold 90 tickets for $10 each, had two showing. I had 8 local filmmakers submit films. I think you have a community gallery down at Bondi (if memory serves). Maybe they'll let you make an Aussie Shorts on the Beach.

Tasha Lewis

Here are some resources.,,, and Stage 32 resources.

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