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Devon S. Devereaux

Spike Lee Kickstarter

Here's my weigh-in on Spike Lee on Kickstarter: We live in a world were it took forever for Spielberg to get the money in place to make Lincoln. I don't fault any artist or filmmaker no matter where they are in their career for using Crowdfunding as long as the rewards are worth what is being put into the project. Do we go after David Fincher for raising money to make the Goon or tell Greg Rucka he's a schmuck for raising $143,379 for his graphic novel. I don't know why Lee is getting such a bad wrap for bucking the old system and finding other ways to fund his movie. No one is being forced to give him money and his rewards are fair in my opinion.

Guille Soto

Your right, I too don't understand all the negative publicity he's getting. Nevertheless, it was a bashing article that made me aware of Spike Lee's crowdfunding campaign. No one is being forced here and if his fans want to see his movie made than it'll prove that crowdfunding works.

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