Financing / Crowdfunding : Standard Indie Budget? by Michelle Tonkin

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Michelle Tonkin

Standard Indie Budget?

Hi, first time filmmaker here. I’ve completed the screenplay which is a based on the true life inspirational story of a woman coming out of the human trafficking industry. I have the rights and permissions for the script etc... I’m looking to get the film crowd funded and would like an idea for a standard budget for indie film? I’ve been told between $75-$100,000 but I’m thinking you normally want to double or triple what you think you need so is $150,000-$200,000 more realistic? Also has anyone done crowd funding? And if so what is your experience?



Rachel Rath

Hi Michelle, an experienced production manager or UPM can help you budget. It depends on where you see the film going. Straight to VOD, festivals, onto movie screens etc. Your film will need to be filmed to a certain quality etc. Get your BEST team together, director, DoP, Production Designer, HOD crew and get actors names in a hat - this should give you a better idea of budget. Major costs go into wages, food, accommodation, and post. You may need music clearance to consider too. Your topic is quite relevant to now so consider approaching charities that deal with this issue and see if there are any actors associated with them. They may become your champion. If you do decide to go down the crowdfunding route we raised $140,000+ last year for an animation and it was tough work. Research all the crowdfunding successes and failures and see how much they were aiming for. All the best with your project.

Michelle Tonkin

Thx for the advice

Michelle Tonkin

Thx for the advice. Have you ever reached out to individuals for funding?

Lauran Childs

Good luck! Very good advice from Rachel.

Jill Maxcy

I do budgets

Amanda Toney - Stage 32 Next Level Education

Michelle Tonkin - there's a great "On Stage With RB" webcast with the head of film for Indiegogo here that you'll find helpful:

Michelle Tonkin

Thx guys for your tips:)

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