Financing / Crowdfunding : The million dollar question by Kevin North Ruiz

Kevin North Ruiz

The million dollar question

Hi all, I just joined stage32 today. I have just finished getting distribution for my first feature, and have 15+ shorts to my name. So, my question that you've all heard a million times, where would I go for a 20/30K investor for a comedy I'd love to shoot this summer. I can have the numbers broken down no problem, I just have no idea where I would go for an investor. Thanks in advance!!!

Tasha Lewis

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Kevin North Ruiz

Thank you

John Ellis

The distributor should be able to put together some projections - based on those numbers, you should be able to get debt financing of 30-50% of the projections.

Erik A. Jacobson

When you start getting income results on your first feature, use that to project the anticipated return on your comedy feature to investors. Your distributor will most likely send streaming results on a quarterly basis.

Dan MaxXx

credit cards, sell something of value. For my first feature, I sold my car and used savings to get started, build momentum, and build trust from strangers that me and my partners were serious about making a feature film. You have to believe you will make $$/or break even in 2-3 years after finishing a feature.

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