Financing / Crowdfunding : This is getting ridiculous by Doug Nelson

Doug Nelson

This is getting ridiculous

I'm getting Network requests now almost daily from various "private Lenders". This last one is a Robert Bryan in SoCal. He lists himself as an 'agent' but has no bio. I noticed that he's got 37 people in his network already from which I deduce that there a lot of gullible folks on Stage 32.
A note to R.B. & crew: You really need to start vetting new participants (I know it's more work) - but it really needs to be done.

Beth Fox Heisinger

Doug, there are blocks in place—you're not seeing the high, high volume of things dealt with on a daily basis in total. Internet nuisances sometimes get through—like they do on all sites—especially robots, and, yes, it is annoying. What you can easily do is click "decline" on those unwanted network requests. No muss no fuss and move on. Enjoy your time here. And those that have gotten through are suspended. You can also "report." Or let me know. Always appreciate extra eyes watching over the site. :)

Erik A. Jacobson

Same here, Doug. I've had three in just the past week. Deleting immediately keeps my blood pressure from going stratospheric.

Vitaly Kozlov

Same guy (Robert Bryan ) contacted me too. They smell blood like sharks. Financier here means private lender/scam artist. I think that category should be deleted. Period.

Doug Nelson

Beth - I know (assume) there are blocks in place and I certainly appreciate that. It's just that I've noticed more recently but I don't know if the 'cracks' are getting wider or that they have multiplied. I noticed that this guy's got a few gullible Stage 32 members to rise to the bait. And yes, I know about the 'decline' button but sometimes I just need to rant. Thanx for your good work.

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