Financing / Crowdfunding : What are some effective ways to garner film investing? by Anthony Varon

Anthony Varon

What are some effective ways to garner film investing?

So we are working on two faith based feature films. One of them Samuel L Jackson is attached too but we need to raise about $5 million in funding. Since I realize this is a film site, can someone possibly give me some suggestions about connecting, fundraising, getting investments, etc on how best to do this? Thank you! We can send any business plans, treatment or film decks needed for the film as well to any potential investor!

Erik A. Jacobson

Obviously, the best way to raise financing is to have a strong track record of your own to show investors. If you lack that, bring a strong exec producer and/or director on board who has that proven record of success. The faith-based market is much more complex than many filmmakers realize. Yes, it's growing by leaps and bounds, but you can easily lose your shirt if you don't understand some basic fundamentals. If you haven't already, I'd suggest taking the Faith & Family Seminar offered regularly by Anne Marie Gillen and Nikki Hevesy, which includes expert advice and financing tips.

Amanda Toney

Hi Anthony, there have been some fantastic webinars on film financing here on Stage 32. I recommend taking a look

Anthony Varon

Thank you both for taking the time to let me know about this! I really appreciate it! I will look into both pieces of advise

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