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Slavica Bogdanov

Where does one start

Hi, am a successful author and screenwriter and now, like many, I guess, looking to get my features produced. How does one get pass that and get a producer interested in coming on board a new project. I have been told, win awards and so I did. What is the next step? Thanks

Dan MaxXx

Hang-out with successful people ( make a living) in the Industry. Network up the ladder to decision makers. LUCK. TIMING. Live in a city with Filmmakers (NY, LA). Attend top film festivals & events (Sundance, Cannes, Oscar party). Know somebody who knows somebody who will vouch for you. If you are a working Author, you should have Reps who know other Reps. They are all in the business to make $$$$.

Slavica Bogdanov


D Marcus

Research the producers you would like to work with and contact them with your pitch.

Slavica Bogdanov

Thanks D, will do that!!

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