Financing / Crowdfunding : Why is it so hard finding investors by Jonathan Roberts

Jonathan Roberts

Why is it so hard finding investors

I've been working very hard with my partner we had one investor for a project that we were on the homestretch of getting funded yet the investor requires an escrow of 10% I wish it was a bit easier to get the projects funded

James Drago

If it were easy.........

Jonathan Roberts

Right I know But not going to give up

Erik A. Jacobson

You need to start by putting your own money into the project. Investors are much more attracted to filmmakers who have "skin in the game". You'll also need a can't-miss logline, a professional business plan, including your own track record or that of your crew or attached talent, a hot script which professional consultants love, and a proven ROI plan.

Until then, get a second job, hit up family and friends, cancel that vacation, buy a cheaper car, take out a loan on your credit cards, and show investors you're serious.

Jonathan Roberts

I'm the Executive Producer which the potential films I have reached out to so far seem to think that the required escrow is to much. I at times think they are to lazy to raise funds at all. Yes I know that's rude just my opinion on it. I love what I do I wouldn't trade it for the world and yes I'm doing the side jobs and whatever else comes my way.

Toby Tate

I'm in the same boat. Just gotta keep rowing!

John Ellis

First, you have to think about and decide what your goals are. Do you want a career as a producer? Director? These projects you're trying to acquire financing for, are they passion projects (essentially one-offs)? The answers to these, that is, your decision about your goal will determine your path. All the advice posted is great advice, but does it line up with your goals?

Jon Bonnell

10% to close the other 90%? Damn, send them my way. I'll take that deal in a heart beat and I don't need to close much right now. I guess it depends on how big your budget is, but 10% is simple gap financing. Will you have film incentives that will cover that 10% down the road? There should be plenty of ways to get the 10% covered (most will want to be first out, but still). And now for a shamless plug... please like my current project on facebook. Just a simple click of the mouse. Thanks.

David Black

Mainly due to so few films actually making money

Lowrie Fawley

Agree with Jon on this one. 10% is not much to be asking of you - looking for investors now on a project myself with an award winning horror screenplay, a business plan, film incentives, LOI from a "name" talent and 10% already in - so send those people my way! I would love to have them. Seriously, though, you have to have some degree of financial commitment to show you are serious, that you stand to lose something as well - best of luck to you!

Jonathan Roberts

Thanks all any EP's out there or investors send them my way

Tennyson Stead

I've written a TON of articles on the work of film finance. Here's a list, if it helps:

Michael Giordano

I came across some material from John Cones. His specialty was getting funding for films. Hope this helps and guides you:

Oracle Laura

In just 4 years I've been approached by over 30 producers who offered to give me my own TV Series & when I finally signed with one now he's going thru the same situation trying to get interested investors to follow thru. What I've learned is that the BEST one who sees your worth WILL follow thru.

Ken Koh

It's business. First you make a small film that actually makes money, with that data it's easier to get funding. Unless you have a big name, incredible script, nothing is more powerful than receipt sales to raise capital for your next project. Put yourself in the investors shoe would you give anyone significant money that doesn't have a great track record? You have to approach it step by step.

Doug Nelson

Show me what you've done in the past - then & only then can we have a discussion.

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