Financing / Crowdfunding : Will This Man Destroy Independent Filmmaking? by Si Horrocks

Si Horrocks
D Marcus

What is "independent filmmaking" if it's not making a film without help or financing from studios? This guy is doing what hundreds of thousands of other independent filmmakers have already done; get financing from crowd funding. I see a dozen requests for donations from independent filmmakers posted right here on Stage 32 every week. This is the definition of "independent filmmaking".

Si Horrocks

But we can only dream of his problems with supposed 'interference'. I'm suspicious.

Parker Ronan

i can only see his connection with kickstarter as a hindrance for us lowly indie filmmakers. I just launched my own campaign and as i pass around its info i am getting a lot of feedback from those who already donated to Braff's and Veronica Mar's campaign. With bigger and higher profile hollywood ties the brighter the spotlight for them, which leaves the rest of us overshadowed. It's not like they are sharing the love right back to those they steal attention away from. And as i am a lowly indie filmmaker i feel i must take advantage of the platform and plug my own documentary on here at:

Matt Milne

not so much a problem, just a sign of the times, and the dire position the industry has gotten itself into.

Minoti Vaishnav

I think I posted this on a similar thread but - people are going to get tired of big names trying to take over our little indie sites. Melissa Joan Hart is trying to make 2 mil on Kickstarter and is so far failing miserably. I wouldn't worry about the high-profiles trying to take over. It's a phase and people are soon going to realize that their money is better spent on independents than on big names who already have money.


While you could say they're "taking it over", actually they are also drawing eyes to it AND getting them news coverage AND getting the sites revenue... Mixed bag.

Si Horrocks

hey people, great to hear your comments: The company that made the KINGS SPEECH just left a comment at the bottom of the article. If you want to have your say, go to the page and leave a comment at the bottom, too. The world is watching :)

Rob Parnell

Ironically I think the fact that Hollywood is getting involved in crowd funding is good news for independents - because it shows the systems works!

Jason Blanco


Thomas Elliott

I think Zach Braff and other celebrities like him should put more of their own money where their mouths are before seeking funds via crowd sourcing... From his residuals on Scrubs alone he could afford to fund that film and still have his independence.

Si Horrocks

My feeling is our only chance now is to develop our own audience. Build a relationship with them. Your following is your life blood. I was talking to an actor friend who has recently had a few TV appeaneces and gathered twitter followers as a result. He's working with a writer on a script. We discussed the three of us working together - and our crowd funding 'power' will be based on the sum of our social networks. I would say to anyone now, working in the film or entertainment industry, start building your following. Your following might actually get you work.

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