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Nymph Kellerman

Working with young and upcoming performers

Hi everybody, I'm new on Stage 32, its looks like a great site and I'm looking forward to be here and do my bit of sharing.... But! for today fundraising and sponsorships are on my mind.... heavily.... I've been working with upcoming actors, dancers and musicians for 8 years now and their work is great. Awesome. I now badly need to find out how and where to get sponsorships so-I-can-pay-them?! Or how does one get into entertainment in the Corporate World? If somebody can help with advice or in any other way that I cannot think of................. please help?

Carla P. Morales

One of the first things you'll have to do is put together a proposal stating who you are, what your production is all about, etc. Pictures are really nice. Use them. Corporations also like to partner with organizations (meaning non profits) who fit well with their own vision. Example: ACME would partner with an organization dealing with hunger/good nutrition. If you are not a non profit organization (having a 501c3) then you can partner with another organization who does have their non profit status, and you can come under their umbrella. Essentially, they're becoming your fiscal sponsor. Make sure it's an organization that's a good fit with yours. Then you guys and figure out how the manage the money (be careful). Then, another thing you can do is go after advertising. Local businesses who want to market to your audience. I recommend getting student interns from the local universities/colleges to do the work. Just make sure you have a good understanding of how to reach these potential sponsors, because you'll have to teach the interns what to do, what to say, etc. There are many more things I could say here, but one of the most important things is to start EARLY, meaning 6 months to a year before your event. I hope that was somewhat helpful. :-)

Nymph Kellerman

Dear Carla, Thank you SO much for taking the time to respond in such a thorough way! I appreciate it more than I can tell. Our organisation is fully registered as a NPO as well as a Section 21. I also have all docs in place, such as "list of achievements, information brochures, constitution, Board of Directors, photos, videos, proposals, budgets". I know the admin work that I have to prepare for each show, but my problem is................ where and to whom do I take it. If you phone companies or check on line, its almost impossible to get through to the right/relevant person. For instance, if I want to approach Standard Bank, where to I start? Ive surfed their site, but could not find the option. If you phone, secretaries tend to think they have the right to say "sorry we are not interested, we already have the organisations that we sponsor". Maybe its true, but I would still like to get an appointment and look somebody in the eye...... Do you know of a list somewhere, that directors look at to know who the potential sponsors are? Have a great, grand week and God bless! Nymph

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