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From all facets of a traditional raise to soft money to crowdfunding strategies, this is the place to discuss, share content and offer tips and advice regarding raising funds for a project.

Is a Website Advisable for Crowdfunding?

As I posted below, I’m launching a crowdfunding project for my horror movie ‘She Lives Again’ in the new year. Do you think a website is an advisable thing to have for a crowdfunding project? I have a website for for my female-led action movie that has been around for a couple ...

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Incentive for Horror Film Crowdfunding?

Hi, I’m planning to do crowdfunding for my horror film ‘She Lives Again’ in the new year. Am studying the best ways to do this - of course - and would like to offer incentives that are really appealing. I hear that offering more experience-oriented incentives are better - like, a day on set, lunch wi ...

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Looking Ahead- 2018 Goals and Projects

The year is coming to a close, and we all begin to reflect what has been accomplished in 2017. Do you feel accomplished? Have some of your goals been crossed off your list? What were your greatest moments of the year? I wanted to do something experimental and different today, reach out on Stage 32 an ...

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Seed and Spark

Attention, Filmmakers: Crowdfunding Platform Seed&Spark Has Thousands of Dollars It Wants to Give You For Your Film

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If you need advice ask for money. If you need money ask for advice.

Crowdsourcing vs crowdfunding

I had no idea there was a difference. Learning so much from RB’s new book. I was a broadcaster but not any more. I highly recommend it. I don’t know him I’m just an independent screenwriter out her schlepping it like the rest us and had grown frustrated trying to find funding but I feel reinvigorate...

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Crowdsourcing for Filmmakers: Indie Film and the Power of the Crowd (American Film Market Presents)
Crowdsourcing for Filmmakers: Indie Film and the Power of the Crowd (American Film Market Presents)
Whether you're a producer, screenwriter, filmmaker, or other creative, you probably have a project that needs constant exposure, or a product to promote. But how do you rise above the noise? In Crowds…
Funding scammers alert

Just like it happened on LinkeIn now I see it happening here. Scammers offering unsecured loans or equity to finance films. They ask upfront monies for the most imaginative reasons and that''s a definitive sign of a fraud. Do not spend fees in advance on "funders" who you don't know in person. Real...

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The Best Countries in the World to Film Your Movie, Based on Production Incentives

From No Film School <>> "Filming a movie internationally has more benefits than merely exotic locale. In an effort to create jobs and stimulate local economies, many countries worldwide essentially pay productions to shoot within their borders. These production incentives vary significantly in struc...

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The Series Beyond Dreams- nominated to the Imagen Awards

Seeking for sponsors to help us continue the film of The Series Beyond Dreams. Thank you for your support.

Guidance for approaching sponsors

I am currently trying to raise funds for season 1 of my web series. I ran a crowdfunding campaign with only moderate success and would like to try more traditional methods. Since web series do not have the same ROI structure as films, I've decided to pursue sponsors instead of investors at this time...

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