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Rules Don't Apply / Warren Beatty

An article and some of my thoughts for ye from my wall. Highlight and right click.


Omg!!! I just discovered this show last night on Netflix (we don't get showtime so I knew next to nothing about it.)
What an absolutely amazing series! The dialogue kills me! Love it

Pierre Langenegger

Which one Jody? there's two listed on IMDb. I guess it's the successful one that's still playing, the one with William H. Macy?

Jody Ellis

Pierre yes the one with Macy. It's on it's 7th season I think but we are just starting season 1 on Netflix.

Izzibella Beau

It's a great show...everyone can relate to it somehow or the dialogue

Jody Ellis

It kind of reminds me of the old show Party of Five, but totally dysfunctional and with drugs, sex and drinking. Lol.

Madeline Romine

That show is so great! I have showtime just for that reason. The writing is clever and the actors are great! It's like a train just can't stop watching it.

Passengers - Movie

Anyone seen this?Very interesting moral dilemma concept. Sadly, they don't come even close to exploring it.

Desiree Argentina

Didn't see it yet but want to soon

Dan MaxXx

Yep, I saw it. The movie feels 'dated'. Shoulda been made 10 years ago. Chris Pratt's good looks and acting charm couldn't save the character's big moral decision. But there would be no story or drama...

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Dan MaxXx

Hmm if I could play Monday QB/Script Doctor, I wouldve shifted the POV to Jennifer Lawrence's character. Start the story with her... follow her with the audience... make it a mystery Who dunit suspens...

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Jon McCary

I heard the big choice Christopher Pratt's character makes in the movie was actually a 3rd act reveal in the original blacklist script. Which sounds like a far better way to tell the story. Not sure why they just showed it to us in the beginning instead.

The Young Pope

Anyone else been watching?

I am really enjoying it, Jude Law does an unexpectedly great job.

Anyone here involved in the Production of a TV or Netflix show on Business?

Hi everyone - I made it to the last round of The Apprentice a couple of years back as well as Shark Tank, but neither was able to get "in" the show. I am not an actress, but a Branding and Marketing veteran who has educated and consulted for people around the world in helping them build their brands...

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Jasmine Sandler

I should expand this to note that I do have a very good idea for a show that is not out there and that is needed based on my own work experience so maybe if someone creates or produces business shows they might want to have a quick chat?

Stephen Foster

you might want to hop on to Happy writers and see if there is a pitch session for the kind of show that you're thinking of. of course, type up your idea and copy write it before pitching it.

La La Land

I just saw this today and while I'm sure not everyone loves musicals, it was so great to see a movie that wasn't a reboot of something or a sequel. Really enjoyed it, loved the story and I think Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone were amazing.

Einny Kim

Now, La La land is sensationally popular in South Korea. Exciting, and attractive to me, too.

Richard "RB" Botto

Many prognosticators didn't think this film would play outside the coasts. Never quite understood that. Yeah, maybe an insider thing or two, but the challenges of love is what's at its core, and that's universal. Imagine it will only pick up steam as it continues to go wide.

Stephen Foster

Well, with all these LIVE musicals they've been doing (GREASE, WIZ, HAIRSPRAY) it's perfectly timed AND it's NEW and FRESH! I found the "auditions" she went on to be so real and honest.

Jody Ellis

It did well at the Golden Globes tonight! Love it!

James Calder

Saw it on Trump's inauguration day of all days. I didn't want to go. I really didn't. I hadn't read any reviews but I thought it would be clichéd, self-congratulatory and, for some reason, full of bac...

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Malia Obama has accepted a prestigious Hollywood internship with super-producer Harvey Weinstein at The Weinstein Co.

(.....And already pitching scripts for the Weinstein Co).

Malia Obama Lands a Hollywood Internship!
Malia Obama Lands a Hollywood Internship!
Malia Obama has accepted a prestigious Hollywood internship with super-producer Harvey Weinstein at The Weinstein Co. The Weinstein Co., run by brothers Harvey and Bob Weinstein, is the prolific indep
Dan MaxXx

Pfft! Michael Eisner's son interned for my brother for one day :)

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Just goes to show you it is not always what you know. But, WHO you know!!

John Hunter

And she hasn't even finished High School -- Sounds about right to me.

Shutter Island

I just watched this last night and I want to know is there anyone out there who saw it, that was left scratching their heads with the final scene and the whole explanation? I enjoyed the film, but WTH??????? Can someone enlighten me......I have my thoughts, but that only confuses things even more .............................

Travis Sharp

sometimes I think that's the point, to not be fully sure and have your own interpretation.

Beth Fox Heisinger

The ending is ambiguous to many, but it seems rather clear to me. Teddy wakes to reality and his true identity/self. When he and the doctor are sitting on the steps, Teddy knows they are watching his...

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Chad Stroman

I read the book so the ending made sense. I recommend even if you've seen the move (which is a pretty faithful adaptation) that you read the last couple of chapters from the book.

Travis Sharp

What the hell is this "book" thing you speak of?


Saw it this weekend, thoroughly enjoyed it. James McAvoy was brilliant. M. Night can be hit or miss with me, but I always give him kudos for being fearless when it comes to trying different ideas.

Madeline Romine

I watched that movie this past weekend too and I completely agree with you. Watching James McAvoy change from one personality to another was just intriguing. Although the movie was a little longer than it should have been, it kept me pretty engaged the whole time.

Dan MaxXx

Word of mouth and BO $$ have been great.M Night is back! :)

Jody Ellis

Dan I'm an M. Night fan even on a bad day. He's not afraid to fail (as evidenced by Lady in the Water, lol) and I think he's done some genius work. Unbreakable is one of my favorite superhero movies ever.

Madeline Romine

Funny you mentioned unbreakable...

Jim Jackson

Great movie!

Suicide Squade -- ok I'm late to the dance...

Finally watching "Suicide Squad"... and it definitely lives up to its bad reviews. How could so many talented producers get this so wrong? You never know the discussions behind the scenes that lead ultimately to a show's final form... or the obstacles/challenges/battles that have to be overcome. But...

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Debbie Croysdale

Re my above course i mean the individual actors/actresses portrayal of the characters, not the characters per se. The Penguin and Fish draw me in, as does the would be Cat Woman who is cur...

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Aray Brown

One movie I will not see

Becky Nader Rose

I actually found that I liked it better the second time I watched it because the first time I went in with a very critical eye and was judging everything. The second time all the expectation and hype was gone and I was able to enjoy it more.

Edward A Haynes Jr

Studio interference is sadly a thing that hurts a decent number of films.

Dan MaxXx

Hey JeffDavid Ayer apologizes to fan.

Taboo, a new FX period piece drama starring Tom Hardy… WTF?

Being a fan of British period pieces, I had high hopes for the New Ridley Scott produced period piece action drama “Taboo". I mean, even the name connotes forbidden fruit. However, after viewing the first two episodes, the only thing I’m being denied is an engaging story with action and brisk pace....

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Fiona Faith Ross

If I knew how to post the "Shock, horror" emoticon here, I would do it. Ha ha. No substitute for speaking yer mind, PEH.

Phillip E. Hardy

FFR: just keeping it real.

Assassin's Creed story fail as critics said...sometimes critics are right!

The producers said it themselves but lie about why.... The cut scenes telling proper character's back story and would have been "Break Out " roles for a few Lead actors! Regardless of gamer POV. T...

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Leonard D. Hilley II

Thanks for the review! I had wanted to watch this one, but will rethink that now. Love your line "The audience got lost in the story itself cause there was none!" Gotta have a story.

Andrew D Ford

Thank You Leonard, that's entirely correct people didn't train themselves seriously in the UK to become circus monkeys caught up in a barrel of stand-in/stunt work...that's crew work. This review was...

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Edward A Haynes Jr

Makes me glad to not have seen it. Think I'll stick with the games.