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Complain Until It Stops

Okay... as a hyphenate (actor-writer) I respond on both levels to Hollywood's current plague of reboots, remakes and re-imaginings of just about everything.   I KNOW this site alone is stacked with writers who have better (original) fare to offer.   So... I ask that you please join me in utilizing #...

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Best short movies ever. Which one of these is your favorite and why?

"The Lunch Date", "Election Night", "Alive in Joburg", "Some Folks Call It a Sling Blade" and "Stutterer" are some of the best short movies ever, in my opinion. If you have never watched one of these, take a little time to watch them and tell us what your favorite is and why.

Stevan Šerban

I really would like to hear someone's opinion.

Beth Fox Heisinger

Hi Stevan. I don't have a favorite, but I really like the short Penny Dreadful, a guy kidnaps the wrong little girl for ransom. And award-winning White Face (2001) created by Brian McDonald is truly w...

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Pan African Film & Arts Festival in Full Swing in Los Angeles

Lots of great films (shorts and features) from around the world, including Lalo's House starring Garcelle Beauvais. She's playing way against type in this one! Panel discussions with TV and film execs are scheduled.

Valentines Day ... yuck!

Okay, my girlfriend and I aren't able to see each other on Valentines day so tonight I'm due to cook her dinner and then we'll watch 2 films (one decided by each of us), it could be any film but valentines/romance should be the underlying theme. We have similar tastes and we wouldn't want to torture...

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Adam Harper

Thanks Philip, I'm not aware of that film - will look it up.

Dan, haha, unfortunately I don't own any of the 50 shades series so I'm gutted to say we won't be able to watch them...

Martina Cook

Ever seen “In the mood for love”? Amazing movie, I highly recommend it :)

Sam Borowski

The Big Sick. Not only Nominated for screenwriting, BUT, it's not a traditional rom-com, there are actually some quite heavy moments. And, it will tug at your heartstrings, but NOT in a melodramatic way. Judging by your tastes, from the movies mentioned, I think you will enjoy it.

Philip Sedgwick

The Big Sick two big thumbs up as well... another Silicon Valley guy.

Adam Harper

Hi Martina, I've not heard/seen that film, it's now on my list!

Sam and Philip, The Big Sick is another good shout, I read the script recently and loved it.

Thanks everyone! Our film night is postponed...

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Favorite Olympic Movie?

Given that the Winter Olympics have begun in South Korea, I ask everyone what their favorite Olympic-themed movies are? I have a tie for the top: Miracle and Chariots Of Fire. What are yours???

Dan MaxXx

Prefontaine, Cool Runnings, Downhill Racer

JD Hartman

Cool Runnings...met one of the actors who still lives in Brooklyn. Prefers not to be remembered for the film.

Eric Christopherson

Chariots of Fire. (But I remember my girlfriend at the time fell sound asleep during it.)

Dan Guardino

I thought the cutting edge was a good and I also like cool runnings.

Andrew Sobkovich

Walk, Don't Run. Cary Grant's final picture.

The Voice as an instrument for beauty -- Micheál Mac Liammóir

If you've not heard Micheál Mac Liammóir's resonant pipes, you will enjoy this. The voice as an instrument for the conveyance of beauty. Born as Alfred Willmore in London in 1899, he and Hilton Edwards founded the Gate in Dublin. He played Iago in Welles's Othello (1949) and filmed his TV play, The...

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Film Making - International

Hi everyone,
Any one there interested in having an international collaboration??

We can form group and make films. Hit me up for the ideas..

This is me Karthi, a music composer

Surprisingly, nope

What movie have you never seen that people respond with shock and "You've NEVER seen that?"

For me, it's THE BURBS.

Chris Hicks

The Waterboy - I guess because I played football I'm supposed to have watched and obsess over every movie about it.

Owen Mowatt

The Sound of Music

Dan MaxXx

Harry Potter movies
Lord of The Rings movies
Hunger Games movies
Twilight movies
The Maze movies.

Carrie Tupper

Most of the Star Wars movies. I was young when Episode 1 came out and it was the first StarWars movie I ever saw. After I saw it I really wasn't impressed. It actually killed the scifi/space/fantasy g...

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Thien Marshall Thach

Thank you for the connection Shon. We'll stay in touch.

Offered option for movie - trying to understand process

Hey all! Wondering if I could get your opinion since I'm fairly new to the screenwriting process/movie world. I was approached by a fairly well known entrepreneur and owner of a smaller movie studio in LA (I can't share his name since we're still discussing - and I'm still hoping :)) several months a ...

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David Japka

As Owen said wait and see. That’s Hollywood. Next time he contacts you, ask him about the time lapses between messages. Listen or read very very carefully for BS. Best wishes, David

Alex Robbins

Hey, Erika - the short answer is that it's perfectly standard for people in this capacity to go MIA for months on end. They tend to have a million projects going on at once, priorities change, they fo...

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John Pansini

It's been awhile since your post so I don't know how far along you are in negotiations with producer. If this guy is serious he will put money on the table. Free options are no-nos as far as rights ar...

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Royce Allen Dudley

It's either real or it isn't, and until it is, it isn't. Even with someone with a lengthy track record and verifiable higher level connections, there are way too many variables. It may happen, it may...

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Vitaly Kozlov

RE: There are some legit reasons not to do it but there is also another side of this coin that the writer of this article un...

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SAG Awards.

Hi All,

I'm Benie, a TV Producer/Presenter of the Benie Uche Show. Any thoughts on the SAG Awards?

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