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Loved it. The story telling confused me at first. Then click, the light bulb came on and I was hooked.

Wayne Taylor

Lots of action with no drawn out dialogue.

Dan MaxXx

Yeah, so little dialogue and character emotions, I didn't care if characters live or die.
Nolan directed a documentary with actors.
Great set pieces, music, cinematography, but I won't remember Dunkirk.

Wayne Taylor

I liked not being bogged down by some sappy B.S. You're thrown into life or death action with these people. I found some of the scenes very intense. There was emotion, old school British emotion and I...

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JD Hartman

Shot on 70mm film and screened in select theaters on a 70mm film print. It will be remembered.


Visually stunning and kinda meh. Maybe I'm getting old but I felt uneasy watching the teeny bopper star and co-star make out. There were 8 other people in the theater so I guess this thing isn't doing so well at the box office.

JD Hartman

Meh! Saw it this past Saturday. Only 9 seats occupied in the entire theater.

Hi Tech Shit

So I've noticed more and more complaints about movies lacking plot and characters and replacing them with high tech action scenes and effects. And we're talking big movies. While, I know some people want to presume they're critics. I usually ignore them but fan reviews/critics are chiming in on this....

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Dan MaxXx

Untrue. Technology is another tool for storytelling. Like from B& W to color to digital to IMAX to computer animation.By the way there were plenty of Shit movies in every era.

Pierre Langenegger

Correct Dan, plenty of shit movies in every era, but we tend to comment on what's current.

Bill Costantini

Agree with Dan. And just thinking off the top of my head of films that pioneered various elements of CGI - Avatar, Titanic, Final Fantasy, Fight Club, Toy Story, Lords of the Ring, Tron, even Westworl...

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John Roland

I think the problem right now is an over-reliance on pre-existing intellectual properties, that studios think have such a built in audience that story development isn't being given much thought. The r...

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John Hunter

^^You are correct. Seems the big boys have pulled their wagons in a tight circle and like their Marvel Characters - Me thinks too much, but hey, they'd didn't call and ask me what I thought about anything.

Dunkirk a masterpiece?

I have not seen Saving private ryan (which i will watch pretty soon). But after watching the film in theatre i was pretty amazed by the cinematography and direction of the movie. I sure hell enjoyed the movie and got little emotional at the end. However, while watching bunch of reviews online some cr...

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Ajit Pandey

Lindbergh E Hollingsworth
True, documentary on Dunkirk was his initital project,25 years back.
But that works when you shoot a short film. Here he is making a feature film.

Beth Fox Heisinger

It's just a different way to tell a story, a different approach. War is an enormous, horrible, complex subject. Perhaps let go of those tick-the-box expectations and go along with what is presented an...

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Dan MaxXx

Jahns and Stuckman are youtube critics. Nobody making movies cares about youtube guys videotaping from their homes.
Cmon, it is a masterpiece because Nolan uses real WW2 airplanes, boats , and 50000 Actors. Masterpiece of production. Not many Directors play with an unlimited budget.

Wayne Taylor

On my list of favs. I really liked the way it was told- 3 storylines with 3 different timelines that converge at the end.

Ajit Pandey

Dan MaxXx
True,but their review on Dunkirk is nicely done. They have given some good insight of the movie.
Overall i agree with your opinion.

joining of TFT.

Why do we join theatre film and TV?

Dunkirk's 7 minute trailer is outrageous. How long should trailers be and what should they show?

I am much looking forward to seeing and reviewing Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk for several outlets but will avoid its 7 minute trailer as I try to avoid all trailers. What on earth is the point of seeing clips out of so many parts of the film before you see it? Trailers often contain spoilers. If you...

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Owen Mowatt

This is one of the problems that arises when money is the main focus IMO.
The stench of fear is in all big money trailers, whereas there was an art to producing a good one.

New York in the 1970s

If you're in NYC in July,  Film Forum theater is showing 35mm prints of 1970s movies shot in New York. Serpico, Shaft, Gloria, Saturday Night Fever, Mean Streets, The French Connection,  Cruising,  Dog Day Afternoon, Midnight Cowboy, Network, Taxi Driver...

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"NEW YORK IN THE 70s" DATES: JULY 5 - 27 FORD TO CITY: DROP DEAD Programmed by Bruce Goldstein
Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Dan MaxXx Thanks for the heads up Dan! Being 65 next month I lived and worked through that period. Will never forget the BLACKOUT of 1977. Man BAD TIMES!!

Explanations for Dead Men Tell No Tales/Salazar's Revenge

I think Dead Men Tell No Tales/Salazar’s Revenge is pretty awesome! Its definitely one of my top 3 favourites of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies! It had an interesting reveal as well as an intriguing post credits scene… ☺ Regarding some general thoughts on the movie: 1) The opening bank heist sc...

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JJ Malthouse

I Love It!!! Very Passionate and In depth I must say

Robert Franklin

Very good!

Who is your favorite NEW YORK movie Actress?

As a Native NEW YORKER and screenwriter I am understandably curious.

Who is your favorite NEW YORK Movie Director?

As a Native New Yorker and screenwriter I am understandably curious.

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