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Meraxes Soneu

I have the feeling they have lost control of their own fantasy world.


Anyone see it? I really enjoyed it, except for the part where it's disclosed how they got their powers. That earned an eyeroll from me. Would have also enjoyed seeing more action and fighting between the robot and monster. Overall though, I thought it was great.

an original TV series, GLOW

Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling, GLOW.   The TV trailer has a Boogie Nights vibe.

Jody Ellis

Remind me not to watch stuff you put up while I'm at work! Over here snorting and laughing to myself like a crazy person. I wasn't a big fan of Orange is the new black, but I can't wait to see this.

With new reboot of Prison Break and recent reboots of 24 and The X Files is Fox Television running out of ideas?

I know by posting this I'll get all the "reboots make money" and "people love these shows" bla, bla, bla! But I wonder why with all the great stories, writers and fresh ideas that can be mined, they're redoing a tired show like Prison Break that got stale after the first season? Be more like the Bri...

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Izzibella Beau

Dan always knows what he's talking about. He gives the best advice.

Dan MaxXx

I shoulda been a dentist :))

Orson T.

What's crazy is they pass on a lot of shows that other networks pick up. They passed on Black Lightning, Supergirl, Riverdale, Locke and Key, Legion, and more.

Debbie Croysdale

I agree. However maybe the audiences they cater for are "part cause " of the lack of fresh blood. When do we see in film news media ? "Audiences crave fresh blood and are sick of re hashed, stale, and...

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John Hunter

Will and Grace, Roseanne Bar Revival -- Reboot-palooza.

SJW Themes Losing Popularity? “No one is buying Marvel’s lineup of social justice-themed comics. It’s no surprise, given that few readers want politics to be forced down their throats. Thus liberal darling Ta-Nehisi Coates and Yona Harvey’s Black Panther...

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C Harris Lynn

He's right, too. Of course, T'challa was literally created as/from a political message, but he's kind of interesting in his own right were he handled better. Sorry to hear it.


Any advice on how to join the costuming union?

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

There are (2) Costume union locals: IATSE local 892 & IATSE 764. If you put that into your search engine it should bring up contact info, I am a writer/director/producer in NYC. I offer this info to y...

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JD Hartman

764 is the stage union., 892 is the film and TV union. Depending on where you see your future, the requirements and costs for joining could be vastly different.

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

JD Hartman Thank you JD for helping Tee in "Second City" also.



Ryan Maelhorn

Remakes and kids flicks -- welcome to Hollywood for the next 20 years.

Assassin's Creed story fail as critics said...sometimes critics are right!

The producers said it themselves but lie about why.... The cut scenes telling proper character's back story and would have been "Break Out " roles for a few Lead actors! Regardless of gamer POV. T...

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Leonard D. Hilley II

Thanks for the review! I had wanted to watch this one, but will rethink that now. Love your line "The audience got lost in the story itself cause there was none!" Gotta have a story.

Andrew D Ford

Thank You Leonard, that's entirely correct people didn't train themselves seriously in the UK to become circus monkeys caught up in a barrel of stand-in/stunt work...that's crew work. This review was...

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Edward A Haynes Jr

Makes me glad to not have seen it. Think I'll stick with the games.

Nadia Carmon

I guess we have another Prince of Persia on our hands. It's a shame. It's a great video game. At least there's always AC Lineage. Albeit in Italian.

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Parody Movies

My favorite parody movies are "Scary Movie", "Airplane!", "Blazing Saddles" and "Spaceballs". What is your favorite parody movie or movies and what is your favorite quote or quotes from your favorite parody movies?

Travis Sharp

you list some good ones, I've always been a big fan of the overlooked Galaxy Quest. I liked the conversations more than specific lines. Basically Alan Rickman's constant level of frustration and disgust for what his life had become.

Owen Mowatt

I cant think of one before Blazing Saddles, but that one is as good as it gets. It was so ahead of its time and had such balls and bravery, that even now some of the jokes raise eyebrows. ""What are yo...

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Travis Sharp

Best line, Naked Gun 2.5....
Ed Hocken: Caucasian?Jane Spencer: Yeah, you know, a white guy. A moustache. About six-foot-three.Lt. Frank Drebin: Awfully big moustache.

Jon Griffin

I love "Airplane!" a lot. Best line....Dr. Rumack: Can you fly this plane and land it? Ted Striker: Surely, you can't be serious. Dr. Rumack: I am serious...and don't call me Shirley.

Travis Sharp

I heard an interview with a Chicago sports media guy who said that he caught Kyle Schwarber coming out of the shower once after a playoff game and Kyle said, "have you ever seen a grown man naked." I love that Airplane has fans of so many ages.

How much will the Oscar win benefit Moonlight?

Moonlight is a brave film, the first with an LGBT theme to win, with the lowest budget and its win was probably the greatest upset in Hollywood's history though many had wondered how safe La La Land was. Many hadn't liked it, the tunes weren't hummable and the Academy had only honoured one musical,...

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Should la la land win at the oscars on sunday?

I really enjoyed this exuberant and colourful homage to Tinseltown with an excellent performance by Emma Stone. However there were few hummable tunes and Ryan Gosling, though good was not outstanding. Damien Chazelle did direct with flair and climactically it is sublime. A great many I've talked to...

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Erik A. Jacobson

It's as near a perfect film as possible, so I'd be surprised if La La didn't win. However, Hidden Figures may surprise. Lion was also a great film. But why it wasn't trimmed by at least 30 minutes is still a head-scratcher.

Richard Fitzwilliams

Travis Yes, I loved La La Land though it wasn't outstanding in my view. Agree totally about Fences, also you could hear all the dialogue. I had a problem with Moonlight, La La Land, Hell and High Wate...

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Linda Seger

I'm sure The Academy will give it a few wins, the Hollywood references alone should make them happy. I liked it ....BUT my favorite is....#HiddenFigures <3

Chad Descoteaux

Here's hoping that the Oscars will salvage the credibility to non-industry types (people that actually go to the movies) that they lost to the MTV Movie Awards years ago and give it's first Best Picture Oscar to a science fiction film. Arrival.

Richard Fitzwilliams

Linda I fear Hidden Figures didn't score. It was a super movie. Chad I also loved Arrival. I wish Amy Adams had been nominated for it. As for credibility, not a year the Oscars will want to remember I fear with an ending like that!!

Best Picture

Well even if they messed up in presenting it, I'm glad they chose Moonlight. Barry Jenkins' talent really excites me, more than any new director since Tarantino. He should be able to go on doing pretty much what he wants now, making great movies for the rest of his life, and that's amazing. BTW, if...

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Travis Sharp

There are lots of great films but I feel Moonlight is one I will remember watching, where I was, how it hit me emotionally, etc... I found it to be gripping storytelling and I never felt I could predict where it was going.

Owen Mowatt

Sorry, but I've just lost whatever respect I had for the Oscars. How Collateral Beauty isn't the biggest film of all time is a unforgivable.

Ryan Maelhorn

Will Smith kept me away from Collateral Beauty. Never been a fan. Jazzy Jeff was and still is a great DJ/producer though.

Travis Sharp

Watching Will Smith in Suicide squad was like watching your wife have diarrhea. Nothing is the same afterward.

Ryan Maelhorn

Are you referring to the Oscar Award winning film?!!!!! j/k