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TIFF 2017 The Festival Experience

Sigh... Yes, TIFF has great movies. HOWEVER, each year it feels like it’s the first time the festival has ever been run. Why? Improvements are made with the tiniest of baby steps that they come out as half-assed attempts. For example, last year was the first time that tickets could be purchased onlin ...

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James Drago

This is an important overview Lucia. All you hear about out of TIFF is about the films. You never hear about the experience. Thanks for posting this!

TIFF 2017 Overall thoughts on the films

What I saw in popcorn order: Worth the cost of the ticket, popcorn and a drink, would watch it again: The Shape of Water - Oscar worthy (multiple) Breathe - Oscar worthy (multiple) Victoria and Abdul - Oscar worthy Judi Dench Darkest Hour - Oscar worthy Gary Oldman Three Christs - Fingers crossed - Osca ...

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TIFF17 - Fan Review: The Death of Stalin

What a great way to end this year's festival. Hilarious. Dark...but hilarious. Armando Iannucci wields his wand with a cast that gets the timing and delivery just right and what a cast - Steve Buscemi, Rupert Friend, Jeffrey Tambor, Michael Palin, Jason Isaacs and on and on. The story focuses on the...

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TIFF17 - Fan Review: Kodachrome

Hometown boy Mark Raso brought Kodachrome to TIFF this year. Solid performances by Jason Sudeikis, Elizabeth Olsen and Ed Harris as a photographer and prick of a father dying of cancer. Jason, who plays his son, is roped into a road trip to have rolls of film developed that his father shot on kodach...

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TIFF17 - Fan Review: Chappaquiddick

Jason Clarke plays Senator Ted Kennedy in this drama that focuses on his car accident in 1969 in which Mary Jo Kopechne dies. Casts melds well. Some scenes are a bit too farcical to be believable. Could he really have had no idea of the repercussions of his decisions? Were his aides keystone cops? I...

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Million dollat deals

This film won award of recognition in Los angeles accolade global film competition

TIFF17 - Fan Review: 55 Steps

From Three Christs to 55 Steps. In this movie, Helena Bonham Carter is brilliant as Eleanor Riese, a patient in a psychiatric hospital who calls on Colette Hughes (Hilary Swank) to represent her against the doctors administering her medication without consent. Where the movie sags is in the depth of ...

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TIFF17 - Fan Review: Three Christs

Two movies on schizophrenia today. This was the first and in my opinion the better of the two. Richard Gere plays Dr. Alan Stone who has three patients who all think they are Jesus Christ. The lines blur between those helping and those healing. It unfolded like a play at one point as the room in the...

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What We Can Learn From David Lynch's Twin Peaks

What We Can Learn From David Lynch's Twin Peaks "I love the show by Mark Frost and David Lynch. Twin Peaks was phenomenal when it burst onto the television screen in the 90's. Twin Peaks: The Return on Showtime 25 years later is phenomenal. There's some important lessons we can learn from this great ...

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Stuck in an El Cid structure analysis

Hello! I'm a level 0 beginner student of storytelling, and I am having difficulty in carrying out a very simple analysis of the structure of the film "El Cid" (starring Charlton Heston and Sophia Loren). I'm supposed to identify the story beats following the spine that goes: 1. Once upon a time... 2. E ...

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Michael Rogers

I would love to help but I have to see the movie again. If you see two stories, I don't think it would be "incorrect" to do the process for them both but I would want some other feed back to be sure.

Beatrice Bonadio

Thanks Michael! Never a bad idea watching El Cid again! :)

JD Hartman

Best if this were asked in the Screenwriter's section.

Beatrice Bonadio

Thanks, Hartman. I have just done so.

TIFF17 - Fan Review: The Mountain Between Us

There is no dillydallying at the beginning of this movie. The action is quick with the audience immediately thrust into a plane which promptly crashes. (This is not a spoiler, it's clear in the trailer.) It's a story about perseverance and teamwork. Do or die. Kate Winslet and Idris Elba (whose beau...

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TIFF17 - Fan Review: Mark Felt - The Man Who Brought Down the White House

I love this cast. Liam Neeson, Diane Lane, Tony Goldwyn, Bruce Greenwood, Michael C. Hall, Josh Lucas et al. just fit. Again, we have story based on a history we all know. Yet, it manages to build the tension so well as the truth trickles out. Liam plays is so cool as the tension mounts, you almost...

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