Anything Goes : A Week With My Father by Giacomo Knox

Giacomo Knox

A Week With My Father

Hey all - wanted to introduce my greatest accomplishment, my Reality TV pilot called A Week With My Father. To combat the plight of fatherless homes, I set out to create a show that would reunite a father and son for a one week visit and social experiment. Not needing a "cast", I used my own story; reuniting with my father James after a 33 year separation. I hope you will enjoy the clip, and please check out the rest of the show

Giacomo Knox

We were picked up by Red Arrow Entertainment of Germany for a Distribution deal at the 2011 NY Television Festival, and right now I'm waiting to find a network home for the show. Follow the rest of the episodes and our progress at and @AWWMF on twitter and other social media

Laura Tabor-Huerta

Yeah! congrats!

Giacomo Knox

Thank you, Laura! It's been a very long time, but the subject matter is too important for me to give up. We've influenced so many men AND women to think twice abbut their relationships with their fathers

Robert Seidenberg

Hard to tell from this brief excerpt but seems very promising. A family documentary with an interesting backstory. Good luck.

Giacomo Knox

Thanks Rob! The rest of the show is on the website, in the same short "webisode" format. Wish i could put the entire pilot online, but I'm sure Red Arrow would rather restrict that :P

Imani Wisdom

Interesting! I like what I see so far.

Giacomo Knox

Thank you Imani! There's so much going on behind the scenes in Reality TV right now, I just hope that we can be a part of the efforts.

Imani Wisdom

Do you have a website?

Giacomo Knox

Yes! Please check out the rest of the show at I need to get off my butt and create my own personal website as well :)

Imani Wisdom

Cool! I'm looking forward to it.

Adam Pachter

This is riveting and makes me want to see more!

Giacomo Knox

Adam that's exactly the kind of feedback that I need to hear. So many times I'm tempted to give up, but I've taken it too far. Thanks! And thanks Imani!

Henry Rivers

A Very Important Story, Why A Son Needs A Father, and a Son that has the Courage to find the root cause of this human failure, by creating this pilot, you should make every parent think more carefully to the damage they do, when they leave their children behind, Every Son Needs an approval from his Father that he's done Great, Every Father want's to let the World know, he has a Great Son...

Giacomo Knox

Ok, I have a NEW favorite message, and it speaks to the heart of exactly why I created the pilot. It's an uncomfortable subject and one that people aren't comfortable talking about. And, yes, sadly I still have my loss of father issues. Thanks Henry!

Alisa Vernon

I wish you all the best Giacomo Knox.

Joanne O'Kennedy

I want to see the rest of your film!

Pj McIlvaine

J Drury hit it right on the head.

Henry Rivers

Giacomo, I agree with you, It's a uncomfortable subject and no one wants to discuss it because, someone has to except blame, the blame comes with child support etc. and for those that aren't involve don't have to discuss it.I'm very sorry to hear of all the hardship, you had to endure as a result of someone's selfishness. They say "what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger" looking forward you have become a better human being, No I am not suggesting this is a consolation prize, What I am saying is this the worse part of your childhood is over. A new journey has begun with your passion for media. Don't think about your "LOSS FATHER ISSUES" if it disturbs you. Continue to build on your success and let your Father recognize his shame that he missed his opportunity to say , He's My Son and I am proud of him... There a song from the movie " Sparkle " Irene Cara " Look into Your Heart, listen to it and get inspired by it ! Hope you capture the audience with honest emotion and identify the problem of child abandonment, take a look on Amazon for book by Starr Parker to enhance your message...

Giacomo Knox

Well thanks Henry. At my age (44!) I realize that all I can do at this point is continue on. My father and I have a fairly decent relationship at this point, since we still live rather far apart. But we make an effort to speak on the phone as often as possible, and Dad just so happens to be a Facebook addict! I can only hope to do better in the lives of my children, if I have any.

Janet Scott

Be proud of YOURSELF Giacomo Knox. What a fine man you are, and life taught you Humility above all else. So glad that you are giving your Dad a chance to get to know his boy... and giving YOU the opportunity to know your Dad. Blessings friend... to you both.

Swan Harris

good Reality concept!.. can see this right on OWN easily. Always been a strong advocate for fathers missing in households.

Giacomo Knox

Thanks Daphne and Swan!

D. Elliot Woods (Elliot)

Fantastic Trailer! Best of luck Giacomo!

Gary Craig

What an incredible concept! A Smash. Can't wait to see it, and sadly, you'll never run out of participants.

Giacomo Knox

Unfortunately, I have to say Amen, Gary. I'm meeting so many people, men and women, with emotional injuries due to the lack of fatherhood, or even a distant relationship with their father. Heck, Lars Ulrich from Metallica talks about his rough relationship with his father in interviews and in the lyrics of his music.

Scott Brandon Hoffman

Good job Giacomo! The world needs to have authentic conversations about the things that are uncomfortable but they don't want to talk about. It's the ONLY way for authentic breakthroughs and evolution. I think having conversations and sharing stories about the unspoken is one of the highest forms of spiritual growth and much needed in entertainment, because you can TRULY see and get to healing, love, forgiveness, and all the best parts of humanity when you take it on. Right on brother.

Giacomo Knox

Hey Scott: Thanks for the warm compliments! I'm still trying to get a network deal for the show, although it's in the hands of my distribution partners and I trust them completely. Yes, Hollywood needs to change, and create more spiritually uplifting content, or Hollywood will become obsolete!

Scott Brandon Hoffman

Amen brother. And it's up to us as creators and consumers of the content that we REALLY want now, and yes, we are in MAJOR need of content that has substance, depth, heart, and humanity, and not what the machine has been spitting out for dollars and ratings only, still important in the world, but it's time for humanity and the human heart to be front and center now.

Geveryl Robinson

Simply beautiful, Giacomo. Much success to you!

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