Anything Goes : American Horror Story: Hotel - Ep 1 by Lamar Faulk

Lamar Faulk

American Horror Story: Hotel - Ep 1

I finally saw the first episode of this season of Horror Story. I honestly don't know what to think. I'm even more interested in what you all thought about it.

Cherie Grant

I didn't like it. There wasn't enough mystery. They just went in for the horror without appealing to our imagination. It was disappointing.

Cherie Grant

If you're so interested you should respond to my post. Come on.

Lamar Faulk

Wow Give me a minute. Ok, I totally agree with your assessment of the first episode. Very disappointing. They really went for erotic, shock factor...but they missed the mark with me. I hope it gets better.

Cherie Grant

Thought you'd bailed. So what would you like to see instead?

Lamar Faulk

Better storyline

Brooke A. Price

I thought it was interesting.. probably not their strongest first episode of the franchise but I felt they left alot open for speculation.

Debbie Elicksen

After seeing the second show, although the storyline flushed out a bit more, it does seem to be trying to overstate the gore. Will watch no matter how it ends up because there is something about the series and that I love Lady Gaga and Finn Wittrock. Until Wittrock entered the scene, think Matt Bomer has been my favorite character so far.

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