Anything Goes : Anybody watch "The Blacklist"? by Michael L. Burris

Michael L. Burris

Anybody watch "The Blacklist"?

I really like the psychological thriller and drama "The Blacklist" from a screenwriters point of view I wonder if they over use what I call the "Pendulum Effect". I do like the twists and turns in the storyline but can the swing of one side to the other be overused causing it not to be unique within itself? Just wondered what others thought about this show.

Virginia Brucker

I'm a big fan of The Blacklist and Person of Interest, especially the former. James Spader is just such a likeable bad guy. Can't wait for Season 2.

Bill Cook

I like "The Blacklist" a lot, but sometimes it's too bloody. The "Pendulum Effect" has not been a problem for me. James Spader is perfect in this role. He's not a likeable bad guy, rather, I like the way he portrays a bad guy. I also like "Person of Interest", but I prefer the episodes where they help a "Client" rather than the internal plot lines. Those could be subplots.

Mike Layne

Good show. Its nice not to know what will happen next

Patrick Smith

I love the series-blacklist. The characters are well spiced up. The suspense alone is commendable. @Bill -i don't think the show is too bloody especially when you compare it to criminal series such as Criminal minds or NCIS or Dexter.

Bill Cook

Patrick: You are correct. There are bloodier shows than The Blacklist. As an aside, I stopped watching Criminal Minds (a good show) only because I had to eliminate some shows. In the episode where Liz's husband is delivered to her, I figured she would have so much rage built up inside her that she could easily justify shooting him in a kneecap, and then ask questions. I kept shouting at the screen for her to do it. Instead, she broke his thumb, which allowed him to get loose. She should have learned better in Restraint 101 class.

Mike Layne

Right! I find it amazing that depending on the type of show your watching, how they forget or bend certain things to allow something else that they need to happen so they can move forward. I understand as I am out lining my own shows but hey? What do I know...

Bill Cook

it's an example of a not so tight plot and we should learn from it. BTW, how far are you out and why are you lining your own plot?

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