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Ellecina Eck


Just saw Alfonso Cuaron's new show. Some of my initial, honest thoughts: 1. Jake McLaughlin seemed a bit of an over-actor. Had to make everything dramatic. LOST's Sawyer, anyone? 2. I know pilots are supposed to get you intrigued and tuning in for more, bit this one felt a bit cheesy. The crash in the beginning certainly was captivating. Exposition will come, I'm sure, but the pilot seemed weird and offish. 3. Little Johnny's character seemed forced. I liked her most when she wasn't speaking, only because she sounded ingenuine when she did. Overall, not too fond of it. I'll probably tune in again to see if it picks up for me. Yeah, it's only the pilot, give it a chance, but it was a bit of a letdown coming from Cuaron, especially after Gravity. What do you guys think?

Carlos Pena

Ellecina, I think we agree about 100%. The pilot was just kind of boring to me, and I love Sci-Fi's. As for the "twist" at the end, I think I saw that coming almost immediately after Tate met Bo. I also thought it was a bit cheesy and was something that I would see on SciFy, not NBC.

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