Amit Mehra
10 months ago
Film & TV Discussion
Django Unchained is Tarantino's Weakest

I generally like to watch films long after the hype has died down. So finally saw Django Unchained and while the basic premise was interesting, found the screenplay a big drag, some scenes forced (last face off with Leo) & over all the film underwhelming. Characters were half baked and honestly i did not care enough for any of them. Some of the sequences are extremely boring and pointless, indulgent. I am a Tarantino fan but in Django Unchained he did not show me any new side to him as a story teller or filmmaker. In fact for me, this is his weakest film. Hugely disappointed. Larger issue is that i think this fanboyism is doing more harm than good for filmmakers today.

I liked the movie when I saw it, but when I read the script I found it really weak. He does a good job introducing the characters, but then, like you say, they don't develop much. For two thirds of the movie he has Dr. Shultz drive the story, only to kill him off in act 2, and the main antagonist as well, only to introduce new antagonists and absurd, unbelievable situations and a glued-on finale. Oscar for best screenplay? Is this the standard now?

  • 6 months ago