Anything Goes : Sid Caesar, A Comic Genius by Ron Greenfield

Ron Greenfield

Sid Caesar, A Comic Genius

He was also responsible for bringing together one of the finest “comedic” ensemble casts during the run of the show – Imogene Coca, Howard Morris, Louis Nye, and Carl Reiner. They wrote the playbook for television sketch comedy, breaking new ground as television was finding its footing in those early days, paving the way for future shows in the genre – Carol Burnett, Laugh-In, and Saturday Night Live. In addition, many writers got their first break writing for Caesar – Mel Brooks, Neil Simon, Woody Allen, Michael Stewart, Mel Tolkin, and Larry Gelbart. It was a gathering of comedic genius, at the start of their careers, assembled to write the show... - See more at:

Jonathan Kramer

The Industry must lift their glasses as a token of gratitude to the Beatles and Sid Caesar along with Ernie Kovacs, Jimi Hendrix, Capra, Fosse and others that were pioneers.. Without brilliant minds willing to take risks while establishing a foundation to build upon, today's entertainment wouldn't be what it is. These pioneers demonstrate that original ideas whether accepted or not are what art is about. I'm too young to have seen his live TV, but from the stories my Dad told me, the legends of comedy like Mel Brooks, Carl Reiner, Woody Allen and so many others might never have been. RIP Sid.. you embraced silly in ways never before experienced!

Ron Greenfield

Well said Jonathan

Mark Ratering

Did a series of TV ads for Sid Caesar and "Uncle Miltie" Milton Berle. Sid was so cool he did everything we asked while Uncle Miltie told us that we set the lights wrong and we should use this scrim or that scrim. We busted our ass for Sid and did what Milton Berle said but we changed everything and made Berle look like an old queen while making Sid look like he was 30.

Ron Greenfield

I hear you. Been a few photoshoots of my own with some a-holes and those who were just brilliant

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