Screenwriting : The Oscars: The Best film, Actress and best song - One common thread= Sexual Abuse. by Jorge J Prieto

Jorge J Prieto

The Oscars: The Best film, Actress and best song - One common thread= Sexual Abuse.

Call it coincidence or fate? Early Sunday evening, I was working on the climax of my most recent screenplay titled, "GRAY" (synopses on my profile) and after I was done at 9:30pm, I go to my DVR to play The Oscars, which was still on the air. I gotta be honest and say that I had no clue, what the films, "Spotlight" or "Room" or even the song that GaGa was nominated, "Till It Happens To You" where all about. So I was shocked when I realized that the 2 films ( Best Picture, Best Actress) and the one of the nominated songs all dealt with abuse in one form or another. Why was I shocked? My screenplay, GRAY, is about a young 24 year old female, who's being abused sexually by her stepfather, since her mother's emphysema/COPD, made her too sick to attend to her husbands sexual needs. So, I now ask myself and you, my fellow Happy Writers? Does my story have a chance? Does my female protagonist, who ultimately goes from victim to fighter, does her story still have a chance? Should I pitch this story, after I complete the re-write and get some feedback on it, or let some time pass by because of Spotlight and Room winning Oscars for similar theme or subject matter to my latest story?

Anthony Cawood

Spotlight is a different kind of abuse and the movie deals with it brilliantly. Room takes a very unusual approach and focuses, brilliantly, on the relationship between mother and child.... So yours sounds like it's different enough.

Kathleen Burke Monju

October is domestic abuse (purple ribbons) and breast cancer awareness (pink ribbons) month. Maybe you could prepare your film for October release. It would be time appropriate. I wrote an extremely short story about domestic abuse for my writer's group. It was a little more horrific considering I was married to policeman and had guns to my head and remembered such an incident some 30 yrs later and wrote about it called Mirror! Mirror! Main Stream Media and Social Media are more acceptance of such story lines these days. Good luck.

Bill Costantini

Contrary to some misguided opinions that Hollywood doesn't make original or important films was a great year for addressing important issues in major films, and in low-budget films, too. I can think of at least a dozen smaller films that took on important social issues in 2015. And let's not forget the important documentaries that filmmakers toil passionately on as well.

Jorge J Prieto

Thank you ALL. You are the best. Ohhh, now I can relax or at least, put that story away and revisit it in a couple of months, with fresh eyes and start the threaded tweaking, fixing and rewrite. Love you guys and girl. You are the BEST!!!

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