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T. Chambers

(Theatrical) Stage Sets

Hi everyone,

An acquaintance of mine is looking to rent or build a stage set for a play. Can anyone recommend a company or person(s) who he can rent from or pay to build the stage? Thanks so much!

LindaAnn Loschiavo

Since you live in NYC, it's EASY. Review the credits in the Playbills, Stagebills, Programs you collected last yr. See whose STYLE and complexity match the project, then get in touch with the Set Designer via the theatre company.

JD Hartman

The sets have to be designed first, has that been done? A set shop will need to see drawings with dimensions and materials spec'd out.

Many places will build your sets, a few:

T. Chambers

Thanks LindaAnn. Good idea!

T. Chambers

JD Hartman, thanks so much for the website information! I don't know if he's already designed the sets but I will ask him and forward what you sent me to him.

LindaAnn Loschiavo

Good luck to you, T. Chambers!

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