Anything Goes : What Has Happened To Hollywood Films? What's Up With All Of These Remakes? by Miss Cheyenne Mitchell

Miss Cheyenne Mitchell

What Has Happened To Hollywood Films? What's Up With All Of These Remakes?

I don't know if it's just me or not. But what I see coming out of Hollywood these days is not so good, especially the horror, thriller, suspense films. I did like "SINISTER" as a horror film. But what's up with all of these remakes. A remake of "BEH HUR"? Are you kidding me? Why don't they just leave these great classics alone? The remakes are NEVER any good....NEVER!!!

Padma Narayanaswamy

I will agree with you and I will more than happy if producers take risk and make new films.

James Breckenridge

Take a look at THE DAY THE MOVIES DIED at That'll cheer you up. Regards, JB

Richard M. Novosak

When I was designing games, my agent said companies are risk-adverse. They will reissue games they know have sold in the past to a new generation that has no prior knowledge or, perhaps, have heard of the game to be reissed. It seems the same for Hollywood. That is why I scrape together what funds I have to make my own.

Sj Heckscher

There is nothing wrong with a re-imagining of an old film. IF IT IS A GOOD ONE. But for the most part they are CGI heavy, and lack the spirit which made the originals so good. Take Clash Of The Titans, original had a quirky charm, the re-make was a charmless trudge through mythology.Simply horrible. Yet it had possibilities, which were never utilised. CGI really doesn't trump everything else. The big companies are risk averse, and the new generation will grow up missing out on the spirit of the original films.

Shuji Moriwaki

what Phil said,.. everyone knows the story so instant recognition and publicity,.. young and old will go and see it,.. its the safest bet for the money people and therefore the safest bet for those pitching the ideas to the money people.

Roy Lionheart

Hollywood doesn't care about the audience, all they see is money. Some of the directors that do care make the films they want to do and are in contract to some of Hollywood films, so it's an equal agreement. It's people like Paul W.S Anderson that are controlled and told what to do. As of remakes, I would prefer not to see them but as like any business, it needs money to expand. We can either like it or ignore some of the decisions they make. As of me- I tend to ignore remakes unless it's something I all ready like. Instead of remaking good films, Hollywood should try remaking really bad films that have little or fan base.

Kamran Khan

A remake is a good business decision based on history. And the statistics hold up that a remake is just as likely to make money as an 'original' piece. And sequel? No brainer. Look at the results. Check the top 50, hell make it the top 100 all time grossing movies. Of the 100, there are 22 that are arguably "original" with the highest rank going to Lion King at #19 (or really original with Inception at #35). The other 78? All remakes/sequels/based on other material. So why bet on something original? If you're going for broke, the people have spoken, they want remakes/sequels and movies based on other material. Look at trailers now a days. They just reinforce this trend. The entire movie is given away in trailers. People want to see what they've already seen. People want to be shown what they are going to see, then go and see it, and see what they knew they were going to see. And if you're a fan of horror, never watch a horror trailer. Several have given away THE FINAL SHOT of the movies. I would shudder to see a trailer for Sixth Sense in current times. Or The Crying Game. Both would be revealed in the trailer for today's audience. Frustrating as all hell for anyone who craves originality. As many much wiser than me have said, you want change, then change. Vote with the only thing that counts, your dollars. Support indie film, support original films.

Armando Alejandro

The revenues for theaters movies are going down every year because people just have more options for entertainment these days and ticket prices are extremely high. So studios are turning to what they consider previous successful franchises that already have an audience. That's one reason everybody wants to get into the comic book movies. Comic books have an audience. However, the sequels and remakes don't always guarantee success. I'm writing some original stories that appeal to this new generation.

Robyn J Keating

Yeah but everybody's getting creative and there's room for everyone to do as they feel is their calling. BTW Hi Cheyenne!! :)) I just caught this on the side of my page .. My two bobs worth! There is always going to be creative works we feel are not up to scratch in our mind -whether it be solo or collectively. Hope whatever your doing goes great guns !! xx

Alli Farmer

I was just pondering that myself last night. .... Moments before I came up with a remake (of a story not movie) I would love to see. But there isn't one. Guess I'll just have to make it myself. =)

Vasco Phillip de Sousa

A lot of older Hollywood films are remakes of European films. But now, it seems like the name recognition is a big factor. Redford recently commented that the studios tend to only go for the "safe" films, so anything original tends to go down the independent route.

Miss Cheyenne Mitchell

I couldn't agree with Redford more. It seems like Hollywood is starting to play it too-o-o- safe if you ask me!! Please! Take a chance and try something NEW!!!!

Karen Keslen

I like remakes. There really good ones and others very bad.

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