Introduce Yourself : 2019 has been a fun year by Jeffery M Siperly

2019 has been a fun year

Hello one and all... hi from hyattsville, MD. Not a bad year. Got to be typecast as detectives/police (again) a few times this year. Apparently I have "that look." Luckily I've also been lucky enough to beat up 2 "wives," punch a middle-schooler as a pushed-too-far teacher, sexually harass a woman on the streets (and royally shot down). It's been crazy fun to explore my dark side. But also have done some gigs as well... chasing down some "bad roofing."

Also did some Republican commercials gigs. Wasn't aware they were until at that moment. I'm slightly ashamed to say I did them because the pay was really, really good. I have no shame.

Lucked out doing some lifestyle ads as well. That was new and fun.

Then there were the government films, PSAs, background work. Love to keep busy.

Life is good.

James Hoey

Love this post. Keep at it! You know, a gig is a gig. Working and getting paid for the work is what it's about. It is business after all. I'm pretty sure no one will look down on your republican commercials. I mean, Danny DeVito played Louie DePalma for years and we all still love him as an actor. What fun to explore your dark side. Looking forward to seeing a lot more posts like this from you. Keep it rolling!

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