Introduce Yourself : 3D Animator by Isra Alonso

Isra Alonso

3D Animator

hi there! I wish you all are safe during this confination!

my dream is to break in to the 3D Feature Animation Industry some day... I've been attending some 3D Animation WorkShops, Computer Graphics & Filmmaking courses in my career, and I realize only working and learning from a team around I can be a better artist... Animation is tough enough to make it alone in your home, I believe it's a matter of team. I love to contribute and serve with my talents too.

thank you for your time, feel free to drop me a line for feedback or advice, and... cheers from the sunny Barcelona!!


WL Wright

Wow Isra I like your work! Nice!

Martin Reese

Great work, Isra. I love animation!

Jesse Hutch

Great demo!! Tons of fun.

Allen Lynch

Nice work Isra.

Jacklyn Ryan

very Cool! lot of variety!

Pamela Segger

Remarkable work, Isra! I'm super impressed. :)

Philip Sedgwick

Great work!

Thom Reese

Wow. Great work, Isra. I may contact you down the line. I used to write and direct full-cast audio dramas. Our process was the same as doing the audio on animated films. We recorded all of the actors separately, did original soundtracks, and our own sound effects. I've been considering teaming with someone to do an animated film at some point. Your work impresses me.

Stephen Carter

Wonderful work, Isra. Drop me a note if you'd be interested in collaborating on a fantasy feature.

Natalya Golovanov

Isra, I love how engaging and emotionally real your characters are. And they made me smile:)

Isra Alonso

thank you all for the kind words! I really appreciate it, I wish to work in an Animated Feature Film some day to learn, grow and contribute with my talents! Stay safe my friends

Cab Bolton

Nice work!

Eduardo Maciel

Go Ahead!

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