Introduce Yourself : A bit about Myself. by James A. Groneman

James A. Groneman

A bit about Myself.

Whachow, why start with that? cuse its a creative way to introduce yourself rather then a hello. Whachow, my name is James, i've been working in the industry since i graduated in 2012 of august. I'm a passionate person when it comes to telling a story, i draw on personal experiences such which i would say draw in the audience you want rather then the one you dont. I started film making professionally in 2010 when i attended Full Sail University. I started film making for fun at age 10 when i got the first studio lego set at christmas, a basic web camera with a 6 foot cord, and a miniature lego sized Jurassic Park 2 set or it might have been godzilla, either way it had dinosaurs and it was awesome. I did my best as a kid to come up with creative ways but never got much done as my ADHD prevented me from focusing on a project, as a teenager i was able to create a slew of horrible videos for 5 years before ending it with a project which caused me to give up on that dream. However when someone told me that i couldn't attend a college outside a community one till i learned a 2nd language (which no one had told me... thanks high school) i said, screw that, and got down to finding a place for where i could go and my dreams could to. I eventually went to full sail where my adventures continued and my network grew from 40 or so people to 400. Now that you got my back story its time for some professionalism. At first i wanted to be a director, but one month of classes i found out i couldn't do that because it was hard to convey words i needed to say out loud, but i discovered my writing was so majestically written, full of emotion and value that i turned my attention to screen writing, Eventually i would find my public speaking was extremely well, ask me to rally the troops and i'll make the hungry for the challenge, ask me to tell you what you should feel, and i kind of fall short. This public speaking with my ability to write passionately enough to bring tears to those who cry rarely, made me want to become something even better then a director, a producer. Turns out i was great at filing paper work, leading people in the right direction and getting it done. However my true skill is in the electric department, with everything i've done i've had more electric jobs because i put that extra effort into make sure the stage is cleaned up before and after a shoot, the truck is stocked and packed right, the equipment is cleaned and secured, and that the flow of power is calculated correctly. Unfortunately everyone needs a producer, not a Electric. Its kind of heart breaking because i know im a Team player, and Ace in the hole and a Strong Leader, but at the same time, how do you find that work when its rough? SO im hoping this site helps me come across work in my field and even if it doesn't i'll try until i die to make something bigger then just myself.

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