Introduce Yourself : A new project with illustration by Leya Marincic

Leya Marincic

A new project with illustration

Hi everyone.

I'm Leya and I'm from Slovenia.

I'm a DP, photographer, editor and colorist but I'm also a sculptress or in other words an artist at heart.

Since I'm currently unable to sculpt and all the filmmaking projects have either been completed or we can't finish them because of the pandemic I decided to do something different.

Here's a picture of my new project that might one day become a film project also but for now it resides in the form of hand drawn and painted illustrations that might eventually get semi animated.

It's a really beautiful and personal story that I got the idea for a few weeks ago. 

Anyway I've met some really cool people here on Stage32 and it's always nice meeting people who are from the same line of creativity so let's say hi and meet each other.

Jodi Rath

I am in love with that picture, Leya Marincic. I've worked on treatment boards for YA novels for a publishing company in California. The work you shared is very whimsical!

Eoin O'Sullivan

Hi Leya, you're a multi-hyphenate of talents!

Richard "RB" Botto

Always awesome to see you, Leya!

Maddison Bullock

WOW that is beautiful!

Maurice Vaughan

Great painting, Leya!

David DeHaas

hOWDY looks GREAT!

Edward Gehlert

Fantastic art! Where can I see more of your work?

Bruce Radek

Love your illustration!

Johnny Zito

Love it!

Leya Marincic

Thank you everyone! For now it's a children's story and I'm still not 100% where it's going. But it was something that I had wanted to try for a long time.

Jodi Rath thank you very much. Can you tell me more about what you did with publishing.

Eoin O'Sullivan thank you very much. I try to try myself in many different things because I think it gives a brooder view of what's possible.

Thank you Richard "RB" Botto nice to see you too!

Maddison Bullock thank you very much.

Maurice Vaughan thank you.

Howedy David DeHaas thank you.

Edward Gehlert thank you very much. What would you like to see. More illustrations?

Bruce Radek thank you.

Johnny Zito thanks.

Maurice Vaughan

You're welcome, Leya.

Simon Ellis

Lovely picture Leya!

Lyter Daniel

Very talented...

Kevin Gamble

Welcome Leya.

Joanna AY Joseph

This is beautiful Leya Marincic! I can almost feel the warmth of this picture pouring out. Perhaps no surprise if it has personal meaning for you :) Welcome to the platform!

Edward Zeimis

Hello, Leya. Speaking for myself, I've come to love and embrace the "I'm still not 100% where it's going" feeling, since that seems to be where I spend a good portion of my time on a lot of my projects. You have such a great portfolio of skills and accomplishments; I look forward to seeing "where you're going" next!

Bridgit Li
Vital Butinar

I really hope you guys get to see the final result of what Leya is creating because it looks awesome!

And Leya I love you because you're a great creative person and I love working with you but most of all I'm thankful that you helped me realize that I want to do this too and am able to do it with you.

Keep up the great work. :)

Leya Marincic

Thank you Simon Ellis.

Thanks Lyter Daniel I try to do as many things as I can.

Thank you Joanna AY Joseph. Yeah I'm trying to take from situations in my own life. But in either way it's a fun project.

Thank you Eoin O'Sullivan. Oh yeah, I tend to work that way a lot. It's really funny because I can see this with editing also. I tend to edit very intuitively, where Vital likes to have a plan in place and it's interesting seeing the two approaches work together.

You know I'm interested to and can't wait to find out.

Hi Bridgit Li. Nice to see you.

Thank you Vital Butinar. I think we both compliment each other well. :)

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