Introduce Yourself : A sort of "My memory dog ate my homework" fail by Don Hauka

Don Hauka

A sort of "My memory dog ate my homework" fail

Hi, Folks:

A few years back when Banff still held in-person meeting, my writing partner and I had a meeting with an exec from a network that seemed perfect for our project. I did all the research for the pitch and knew exactly which shows it was similar to on their network. It should have been a slam dunk.

Unfortunately, when we got to the session, there were only two chairs: One for the exec, one for the pitchee. I rounded up the top organizer and was told their directive was only two chairs, no exceptions. I said you can't expect my partner (who has insisted I sit), an Indigenous Governor General Award-winning playwright, to kneel in front of a white exec. What are you thinking?

To no avail. My partner insisted I get the chair and he knelt while we made the pitch to the exec. I was so flustered I made my way credibly through the pitch. Then the exec asked: "So, what show on our network is this like?"

I blanked. With all the distraction and upset of the chair thing, I couldn't access that part of my memory and my notes were in my bag, which they had made us stash at the door. A giant memory fart. I smiled and said "Well. you're going to have to help me there: what show do you think it's like?"

Big mistake. The exec said rather stiffly I should have done my homework before making a pitch and although they took the one-sheet, we knew we'd never hear back. As we walked slowly towards the door as hordes of writers flooded in for the next session, I apologized to my writing partner. He shrugged.

"Didn't go all that bad," he said. "I bet she remembers us."

That, I thought, is exactly what I'm afraid of...

BTW, after our complaint, Banff added extra chairs to their pitch sessions...

Roth Rind

All I can say is sheeeeeesh. That's a toughy. Part of what makes partners great is putting them both in the room. If you don't have access to both of the people who created the vision how are you going to expect the best pitch? You were setup to fail, but in truth, the best networks and studios know that you should be there with everyone involved in making the vision

Kumar Sambhav

woaaw ..this itself looks like very intense scene.

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