Introduce Yourself : About Myself - Lyall De'Viana ( Award-Winning Author/Writer/Fiction Storyteller ) by Lyall De'Viana

Lyall De'Viana

About Myself - Lyall De'Viana ( Award-Winning Author/Writer/Fiction Storyteller )

Hello Everyone,

My name is Lyall De'Viana and as you will know from my home page I am a first-time author and a big believer in everyone there is a story. I have lived most of my life in London and think this is one of the most wonderful cities in the world. My first fiction novel “PHILANTHROPIST” It was a huge surprise, if only I knew.

I would one day love to share not just my story but my early drafts of what PHILANTHROPIST looked like. I was laughable but kept on growing. I can say that I am a very sociable person. A responsible human being that has developed a great sense of humour to life's little cheats and look forward enthusiastically “As a student of life” to the challenging times ahead.

I love to meet new people who are happy to meet me. Friendship is such an important human value, we often discover new things about each other that my skills continue to develop in so many ways. My current goal I’m striving for is to complete my next novel “Life Trader” Sure I’ve had many bad experiences, like most people.Love to hear from any of my readers that would like to know more and discuss my journey.

Philanthropist:- This novel was born out of trauma, love, pain, loss and deceit, which I had to endure over many years. A fiction novel that stretches the mind to the possibilities of asking questions, of what is possible?

Life Trader:- A sequel of the above. However, not what you would expect from the title. A challenging sequence of events that unfold, end up testing the strength of love, pain, deceit and loss. It will surprise you as a reader, to the closeness of reality and fiction.

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Lyall De'Viana - Book Author - Author | LinkedIn
Lyall De'Viana - Book Author - Author | LinkedIn
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Sam King

Welcome, John! Followed you on Twitter.

Phil Clarke

Welcome, Lyall. Always happy to talk.

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