Introduce Yourself : About to Do a Crowdfunding Campaign, Looking to See Who's Done This Too by Donn Swaby

Donn Swaby

About to Do a Crowdfunding Campaign, Looking to See Who's Done This Too

Hey guys, Donn Swaby here. I am in the middle of planning a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to do a proof of concept short of my feature, to then help raise finances for the feature. In pre-production on the campaign video, using seed&spark's platform. Who else has done a crowdfunding campaign? Any advice or suggestions on what to do/what not to do? How was your successful (or not)? Please reach out to me if this is you. Also, if there is anything I can ever do to help someone with their project, please don't hesitate to ask. Thanks!

Christine Torres

I am by no means an expert, but I've had friends run some very successful campaigns (on Indiegogo) and the number one thing that seems to make the difference is that, before they go live, they've already spread the word out through friends and family and friends of friends and friends of family. So day one starts with everyone knowing it's happening. Also, if you know a few angel investors who are willing to match a certain amount of funds donated. For example, if you can get a few people to donate a total of $500, then your angel investor will match that amount. I'm not sure how this all works on seed and spark though... Good Luck! Sounds exciting!

JJ Hillard

Donn: I've contributed money to at least a half-dozen crowdfunding film campaigns and maybe it's selfish but one of the things that pries open my wallet is the offer by the filmmaker of an on-screen credit for a contribution of a certain amount, and even more enticing is an IMDb listing.

Donn Swaby

Thanks for the advice. Yes, I will begin promoting my campaign weeks before I actually launch. I have a long list of donation perks on the campaign profile as well.

Ricardo Rangel Jr

Get commitment for donations from established relationships prior to launching the campaign, then send it out.

Donn Swaby

Thanks Ricardo, I am doing that.

Donn Swaby

Yes, Ira, I am doing a lot of research, checking out other campaigns and studying them. Great advice, thanks!

William N Zook

We're about to launch our campaign. Our goal is to build mind share as well as raise funds for our movie COA.

Karen Blaney

Hi Donn, I'm part of a movie that was released on Amazon Prime, MARKED FOR TRADE go to our website and you can briefly read about how the movie was made at Our movie is doing so well with the support of the media and STAGE 32 who wrote a feature on our success last week. If you have a moment please watch this movie as well. Best, KB

Donn Swaby

Congrats on your film, Karen. I went to the site, but only saw info about the production company.

Donn Swaby

Best of luck on your campaign, William! What is a "mind share?"

Karen Blaney

Donn, If you go to Amazon Prime, the movie is on there. It is called, MARKED FOR TRADE. A lot of people were going on at once last weekend and there was a delay, now it is all up and easy to watch. The trailer is on Amazon Prime as well for the movie. Let me know. Best, KB

Rick Oldham

looking to crowdfund but have no idea where to start

Donn Swaby

Rick, just Google it and start reading the material that comes up. Also go to youtube and watch videos. That's how I'm learning to do it. I also hired a coach who does this professional because to me it's worth it to make this not be a waste of time if I don't raise all the money I need. Her name is Leah Cevoli and you can find her on FB.

Cory Parella

If your friends don't have money, don't crowdfund.

Julie Stern

How do I get a message to RB directly?

Donn Swaby

Julie , who is RB?

Cory Parella

Lol RB is the founder. He might take a while to respond but he nearly always does.

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