Introduce Yourself : Accepting any film, media, and audio job question by Amaobi Ajawara

Amaobi Ajawara

Accepting any film, media, and audio job question

So I got an interview from a company called Show Systems. It's located at Orlando Florida. But there is a problem , I live in California and the gig detail is it's $20 an hour for four days but this is for a concert they do every year at Sea World. I've been told that whenever you get offered an opportunity take it immediately. So my question is, is it worth the $500 to spend a plane ticket for this interview.   

Robert Parera

Not to me.

Amaobi Ajawara

Yeah it's not worth the $500 I just found out it's great for Orlando locals oh well.

Sebastian Gheorghiu

Well im sure they have heard of skype if they dont want to spend the money for your plane ticket. It would not be fair to you and your efforts.

Denice Riddle

I would ask them if they would be open to a Skype or even Facebook Messenger video call. Definitely doesn't hurt to ask

Sebastian Gheorghiu

Actually what I would recommend if you really want to go. Ask your client to provide you an introductory to their potential partners or their clients that will help you get some extra clients while there in Orlando. Perhaps you could pull some additional work while there and make more money on the side as well.

Royce Allen Dudley

An interview isn't an offer, it's an interview. And frankly, it's a bit ridiculous when people ask freelancers for a face to face interview for a single day, low paid job, even when you are local. Professional companies don't do that even for high rate short term gigs, they hire with referral and a phone call, or reel/resume/phone call. It is true you need to invest yourself ( and sometimes money ) to make money, but this sounds like just another bottom feeder company to avoid any effort on. You may quote me.

Carol Jackson

My name is Carol Jackson, I'm Six-two years of age and a 2016 graduated in Film Studies/Photography from Webster University here in Saint Louis, Missouri. I'm currently working on my family documentary. Now I know that there aren't a lot of money in producing documentary, so I'm working on some shorts films and animation which is self taught, and hope to sell them. With all this being said, I'm still need to supplement my income. My focus is on film editing, taking photos, etc. I'm not really interested in working for a corporation by freelancing. Is there any advice where I need to start exposing my work? Thanks

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