Introduce Yourself : Acting, Demo Reels, Production. I love it all. by Carmela Hayslett

Carmela Hayslett

Acting, Demo Reels, Production. I love it all.

Hello from Pennsylvania! I'm re-introducing myself. My name is Carmela but you can call me Carm. I have a love all things filmmaking and have had almost every job in the business. It's an exciting world. I am mostly an editor now and I specialize in creating affordable demo reels for my fellow actors. Feel free to friend me!

Amanda Toney

Hey Carm thank you for taking the initiative to reintroduce yourself to all of the new members. I hope this puts you in front of new opportunities and connections that can change your life! :)

Alejandra Perdomo

Hey Carmela! Welcome back to Stage 32 [:

Carmela Hayslett

Thank you, Shannon! Thank you, Alejandra!

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