Introduce Yourself : Action Film with Strong Female Lead by Gary A Green

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Gary A Green

Action Film with Strong Female Lead


While researching another subject, I came across the story of a woman that I believe would make a great feature action film.

I am looking for screenwriters or producers that are interested in exploring this further.

I am not looking for credit or money, I just believe that this woman's story would make a great movie

If you are interested, contact me at

Karen "Kay" Ross

Hey, Gary A Green! That's a very generous offer, thank you! You can also post a listing on our Job Board: And reach out through the Screenwriting Lounge:

Lyter Daniel

I would like to hear more ..

Alan Eddie

Hi Gary,

What do you expect us to do?

Looking for an Action film scriptwriter or what?

If looking for a producer you are welcome to join in a long line.

Let me know.



Pam Oyka

Sounds brill, but Alan Eddie brings up an excellent point with

> What do you expect us to do?

A bit more detail, like what is the story about, fic/non-fic that sort of thing. Otherwise, it feels a bit like trolling/harvesting/mining for email addies.

Cheers, mate!

Gary A Green

Look up Frances Clayton with Google. She is a woman that dressed as a man to follow her husband into the Union Army in the Civil War. She reportedly fought in 18 battles, was awarded several medals and was wounded several times. During one battle, she literally stepped over her husband's dead body to continue the fight. She was only discovered to be a woman when one of her wounds was on her lower body.

Gary A Green

I'm not interested in any credit, I just think it would make a great movie.

Pam Oyka

Gary A Green It would make a great movie! Thanks for pointing it out.

Alan Eddie

Yes, it would be a great epic movie. But for any true story, you need to get approval from the concerned heirs or a charity that manages her estate.

Pam Oyka

Alan Eddie are you sure? I thought that, especially with the subject being dead, and a historical figure, her life rights no longer exist. For instance, anyone can make a movie/book etc. about true events, as long as they don't slander the participants. Only works created by someone in tangible form can be held to copyright. For instance, I could not make a movie based on a novel by Agatha Christie, but I could make a film about her life and events in it. I could even make a movie about the events in, and the story of some living person's life, as long as it was all real. Of course, I could also get sued if the living subject disagreed with his depiction in the film. Check out the whole Wolf of Wall Street debacle to see just how muddy that can get. Essentially you can not copyright a story, only a work based on that story. If it is a true story, it can not be copyrighted, because it actually happened, and is a series of events. You can write those events down in tangible form, and copyright your depiction of them, but so can anyone else.

If you don't have a headache by now, I sure do!

This is why the lawyers get the big bucks!

John Ellis

You're right, Gary A Green sounds like it would make a great movie. But so would a thousand other ideas. The value comes with the execution. If you believe in the story, write it.

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