Introduce Yourself : Actor / Creative Guy by Xavier Owens

Xavier Owens

Actor / Creative Guy

Hey everyone, hope all are safe and well! You guys can read my bio/resume on my profile if you’d like. I’m just gonna take this moment to tell you where my head is at as of today!: My objective has been to use this COVID “down time” to the best of my ability. That includes but not limited to getting more focused, organized and prepped for when the industry bounces back. As well as taking the social media aspect of my career more seriously... Also new headshots don’t hurt lol. But overall, the chemistry of preparation meeting opportunity is where blessings happen. I’m just working on doing my part in that! Peace & love y’all..... - XO

Amanda Toney

Hi Xavier! Great headshots on your Stage 32 profile. Love that you're taking the quarantine to get re-focused. I just met an actor on Introduce Yourself Weekend who did a 21 day self-tape challenge where they filmed a new self tape every single day for 21 days to keep creating. Glad to have you in the community.

Xavier Owens

Hey, thanks so much Amanda! And glad to be here... That’s really cool inspiration, the idea of a self-tape challenge. Great presentation for such content!

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