Introduce Yourself : Actor, Director, Everything-er by Chase Sirota

Chase Sirota

Actor, Director, Everything-er

Hey all, I'm very happy to be joining the masses on Stage 32!

I act, write, direct, pretty much whatever it takes since the early days have us all wearing many hats, although my focus is acting in film. Less than two years ago, I graduated from the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts. Since then, I've booked roles in 3 feature films, several short films, a couple of stage productions, and even produced a handful of my own short films.

My focus recently has been on finding theatrical representation. It seems to me that the biggest hurdle is just getting in the room with an agent. I would greatly appreciate any advice on how to make that jump!

Best wishes to all.

Maurice Vaughan

Hey, Chase Sirota. Great to meet you. What's your favorite hat to wear?

Chase Sirota

Hey Maurice Vaughan , I'd say my favorite hat is actor, although I do very much enjoy directing as well. What about yourself?

Michael David

Hi Chase Sirota , your ambition and talents are tremendous!

Have you queried agents/managers? Have you made a CV?

Maurice Vaughan

Cool, Chase Sirota. My favorite hat is screenwriting. I tried to produce two features way back, and it was hard. Was it hard to produce shorts?

Chase Sirota

Michael David Thank you, I really appreciate that. I have absolutely begun querying, agents specifically, and I do have a solid CV, but I figured since most of the queries are bound to result in no response, I might solicit advice on things I could be doing in the mean time.

Chase Sirota

Maurice Vaughan I'm sure features were hard to produce! My short films honestly were more about being patient enough to find the right times for filming and the right gear that won't break the bank. I also have plenty of actor friends who are always looking for something new on their reels, so I have been able to put together decent projects without breaking the bank. Going forward, I plan to save more money and even attempt to gather some funding to be able to increase the quality of all assets.

Sam Sokolow

Hi Chase Sirota - I recommend Spencer Robinson's Stage 32 webinar on what managers look for in an actor. Spencer is a terrific manager with clients who work on big films and TV shows. His insight is terrific:

Chase Sirota

Sam Sokolow Thanks for sharing this, I'll check it out!

Maurice Vaughan

I didn't even think about the things you said when I was producing films, Chase Sirota. I had no training as a producer. If I had a platform like Stage 32 when I was producing, it would've been a lot easier. I don't wanna produce anymore though. I just wanna write.

Have you checked out the Producing Lounge (

John James

I'm beginning to find out that I can't really do anything within the movie business unless I move to LA.

Maurice Vaughan

Living in LA has its averages for writers, directors, etc., John James, but you don't have to live in LA to make a career in the movie industry. I've never been off the east coast. You can connect with people all over the world on Stage 32. Here are blogs about networking:

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