Introduce Yourself : Actor / Writer / Director by Judy Norton

Judy Norton

Actor / Writer / Director

Hi All, I'm Judy and I've been working professionally as an actor since I was 6 both on stage, film and TV. I was a part of the iconic TV series The Waltons for 9 years and have guest starred on numerous other TV and film projects since that time. I've been writing and directing for stage, Film and TV for over 20 years - have had over 40 plays produced, my second film goes into production next month, and I am lead writer/director on a series that was filmed up in Canada. I have dual US / Canadian citizenship. Entertaining people has been my passion since I was a child and I love working with like minded, committed creative people. I think the most important element is putting together a good team. For me it's all about working with good people to tell a good story more than about the money or fame. I love what I do and I want to have a good time while I"m doing it. :-) I look forward to connecting with more of you through Stage 32 and hopefully have the chance to collaborate with some of you on a project (yours or mine) Let's make magic! Judy

Joshua A Jackson

Nice to meet you Judy, I love telling the story and entertaining people as well. Your passion for it comes out in your post

Judy Norton

Thank you Joshua! I appreciate that and you reaching out.

Keith Jefferies

Hi Judy! Great intro. I've just moved to LA and also love being surrounded by passionate, creative people when I'm working on a film or television project. Inspired to know there are others feel the same.

Stephen Wise

Nice to see you here, Judy. I need to share a story with you. When I was in 5th grade, "The Waltons" showed their episode "Day of Infamy" in which Mary Ellen's husband was killed at Pearl Harbor. The script for that episode was printed in the local newspaper, so I got a copy and read it before the episode aired and then again along with the show while it was airing. I was already making my own Super-8 films with my friends at that point, but reading that script helped cement my interest in being a screenwriter. It was a pivotal moment in my life.

Vincent Paterno

Pleased to meet you! Former journalist turned screenwriter (two romantic comedy feature scripts) and film historian (classic Hollywood site Carole & Co.,

Mark Furney

Judy, I loved The Walton's back in the day. On a recent trip to LA, I got to tour the Warner Brothers lot. It was a fantastic experience.

Pamela Bolinder

Judy, hi! So nice to meet you!

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