Introduce Yourself : Actor, producer, and director by Roy Lewis Garton

Roy Lewis Garton

Actor, producer, and director

Hello everyone. My name is Roy Lewis Garton from Central Florida. I am an actor foremost but I also direct and produce indies along with commercials and PSA's on a local level here. I am the owner of FDMC Social & Digital Media. My current project is a short Indie called "The Wrong Lane" which I wrote along with my wife, Mary and is currently in post. You can learn more about it on the Facebook Fan Page, "The Wrong Lane" and give us a "Like" You can learn more about me off of IMDB, My actor's page on Facebook, or my actor's web site, I been on Stage 32 for sometime and it is a great networking group. We do for whatever reason have a heck of a time doing a Stage 32 meetup for Central Florida or the Space Coast as we have tried several times but everyone is busy I guess. Florida's film industry right now other than we who do indies is in the tank due to our wonderful Gov. not signing the film incentive bill. We have lost millions in business to Georgia and other states. A lot of crew people have also packed up and left Florida. Miami is the only place really that has anything going on but I am not in a position to relocate there nor would I want to at this stage in my life. Feel free to reach out to me and welcome to Stage 32!

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Kevin Murray

Hi Roy. Welcome to the platform!

Kirk Ryde

Hi Roy - Jackson Hole must have been an amazing place to grow up - beautiful there!

Roy Lewis Garton

Thanks Kirk!

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