Introduce Yourself : Actor/writer/director/producer by Ron Reid

Ron Reid


Hello, I am out of Tokyo creating my own content. And when I am not I am wearing the actor's hat that has won an Award for Fox Channels promoting TWD here in Asia. I write original scripts mixing Action/Drama and Comedy. I have been known to be influenced by Sci-Fi like THE EXPANSE/ WANDAVISION. I outlined and started to write an inspired PULP FICTION story following JULES' adventures. When I am not writing that story I am working on my HEIST film loosely titled: BLAME CANADA, about a group of specialist who are framed for a heist that has them arrested until they stage a robbery of their own to steal Millions in BITCOIN and blame those who framed them. If you need a story created in Japan, not unlike TOKYO VICE or something on the Sci-Fi end or a story with a Japan backdrop I hope I can lend a hand to your project. I was involved on the production/promo side of POKEMON as it rolled into TOKYO with RYAN REYNOLDS to promo a film another side hustle of mine.

David C. Velasco

Sci-Fi is a great genre! Best of luck to you.

Edward Zeimis

"On his way from Canada to Tokyo, Jules's plane continues unexpectedly onward and upward into the expanse where he conspires to steal Ryan's Pokemon cards and Wanda's Bitcoin." Hey, it could happen!

At any rate, welcome to Stage32. I lived in Japan for a year 2013-2014, in Tokyo for four months of it. Best of luck on your adventures in the screen trade!

Karen "Kay" Ross

Oh, how cool! I'd love for you to post about your experience living and filming in Japan!

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