Introduce Yourself : Actress by Vanessa Perez


Hi there! My name is Vanessa Perez. I'm a bilingual journalist and actress from Venezuela now located in LA. First day at the stage 32. Hope to find cool people and cool projects over here. Good vibes to everyone!

Boomer Murrhee

Welcome aboard Vanessa. There are many knowledgable and supportive people in this community. May you have much success in your endeavors.

Vanessa Perez

Thank you!

Lee Dunnavant (Lebo)

Welcome Vanessa ... Welcome... I joined in June '14 and have met many interesting people. You will definitely find some really cool people here .. Great networking and good luck .. Good vibes to you too!

Vanessa Perez

Thank you Lee!

Vanessa Perez

I'm from Venezuela. English and Spanish. Thank you! Wish you the same ;)

Jt Smash

Think outside the box in order to make it happen

Robert Broad

Welcome to our happy band of Stage 32ers, join in, network, and you will find it a great place to hang out... all the very best

Dawn Gonchar

Hi Vanessa! I guarantee you'll find great, supportive people here - I honestly believe there's no other group like this!

Zombie Marshals

wish you were closer, I need a spanish/english radio personality

Curtis McGann

Welcome and best of luck in everything you do!

Darrel Ray

Well welcome aboard Vanessa. It is nice to see your start your new adventure here.

Art Sotelo

Would you be interested in audition for my project?

Anil Agnihotri


Desi Singh

Welcome to the network! One bit of advice for a new young lady new to LA. Don't go to any auditions alone unless it's with an established casting director. You can check them out at And never go to an audition in a private home, hotel or apartment . This is for safety's sake. I don't want to scare you but bad things do happen in LA to unsuspecting young people new to the movie business. Always exercise caution.

Darrel Ray

Desi your a good man by saying what your posting here There is a lot of truth to it.

Desi Singh

Thanks for the compliment. Too many young people come to Hollywood with great expectations of making it here, only to have their dreams mangled by unscrupulous predators.

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