Introduce Yourself : Actress, Writer, Coach and more by Tina Jetter

Tina Jetter

Actress, Writer, Coach and more

Hello. My name is Tina. I am located in Connecticut but traveling is never a problem for me. I basically do it all, or all that I can really. From acting, to directing to editing to being a PA; you name it and I've most likely done it or am willing to try (what's life like if you're not willing to try new things right?). Well, if you need anymore information or if you see me fit for something you're looking for then don't hesitate to reach out to me! I promise you that I am a very friendly person and that I don't bite!

Jake Shanks

Welcome to Stage 32, Tina!

Matt Hurd

Welcome, Tina! Wonderful to have you here in the community. I'm originally from the east coast myself - Connecticut's a beautiful spot.

Tina Jetter

Thank you!

Joshua McHugh

Thanks, Tina!:)

Aray Brown

Welcome to the family Tina!

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